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What is your favorite anime movie of all time? I will list every single suggestion under this post to help anyone else looking for something to watch.

Feel free to suggest more than one MOVIE but if the MOVIE already listed here I won't be adding it again.

Haha so many movies, I'm so happy for all the suggestions thank you everyone <3 Also if anyone feels like sorting these out I'd really appreciate it, it'll take at least a few days for me to go through everything here.

This list is very cluttered and hard to read through so if anyone wants I can sort everything by genre in another post.
Suggestion list:

Thank you so much for all the comments, if you notice a movie listed twice or more please let me know!
(Sorry about the list being cluttered and unorganized, I'll maybe sort these movies out in a later post if i feel like it.)

Also because someone asked; my personal favorite movie is easily "Garden of Words".
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So you're a gamer? Name every game.

!Que Pasa Neng!
!Shin Chan: Flipa en colores!
&: Sora no Mukou de Saki Masuyou ni
'70s Robot Anime: Geppy-X
'89 Dennou Kyuusei Uranai
'96 Zenkoku Koukou Soccer Senshuken
'98 Koushien
'99 Koushien
*NSYNC: Get to the Show
.hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth
.hack//G.U. vol. 2//Reminisce
.hack//G.U. vol. 3//Redemption
.hack//Infection Part 1
.hack//Mutation Part 2
.hack//Outbreak Part 3
.hack//Quarantine Part 4
.hack//Vol. 1 x Vol. 2
.hack: Sekai no Mukou ni+ Versus - Hybrid Pack
0 Story
0-Kara no Shogi: Shogi Youchien - Ayumi Gumi
0-ji no Kane to Cinderella: Halloween Wedding
007 Legends
007 Racing
007: Agent Under Fire
007: Everything or Nothing
007: NightFire
007: Quantum of Solace
007: Racing / Medal of Honor / 007: Tomorrow Never Dies - Collector's Edition
007: The World Is Not Enough
007: The World is Not Enough
007: Tomorrow Never Dies
1 vs. 100
1, 2, Switch
1-Jikan de Wakaru Kabushiki Toushi
1/2 summer+
10 Minute Solution
10 Pin Bowling
10 Pin: Champions Alley
10,000 Bullets
10-Yard Fight
100 All-Time Favorites
100 Classic Books
100 Classic Games
100 Kiri Golf DS
100 Manyen Quiz Hunter
100% Pascal Sensei: Kanpeki Paint Bombers
1000 Cooking Recipes from Elle a Table
1001 Crosswords
1001 Touch Games
101-in-1 Explosive Megamix
101-in-1 Party Megamix
101-in-1 Sports Megamix
101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix
10101: "Will" the Starship
1080 Snowboarding
1080: Avalanche
11 Eyes: CrossOver
12-Ji no Kane to Cinderella: Cinderella Series Triple Zenkan Pack
12-Ji no Kane to Cinderella: Halloween Wedding
12-Sai. Honto no Kimochi
12-Sai. Koisuru Diary
12-Sai. Torokeru Puzzle Futari no Harmony
12-Toki no Kane to Cinderella Series Triple Zenkan Pack
120-en no Haru: 120 Yen Stories
12Riven: The Psi-Climinal of Integral
13-Sai no Hello Work DS
1500DS Spirits Vol. 10: Igo
1500DS Spirits Vol. 1: Mahjong
1500DS Spirits Vol. 2: Shogi
1500DS Spirits Vol. 3: Block Kuzushi
1500DS Spirits Vol. 4: Reversi
1500DS Spirits Vol. 5: Hanafuda
1500DS Spirits Vol. 6: Trump
1500DS Spirits Vol. 7: Chess
1500DS Spirits Vol. 8: Darts
1500DS Spirits Vol. 9: Futari-uchi Mahjong
1500DS Spirits: Mahjong V
1500DS Spirits: Shogi V
1552 Tenka Tairan
16 Tales: Vol. 1
16 Tales: Vol. 2
16 Tales: Vol. 3
16 Tales: Vol. 4
18 Card Games
18 Classic Card Games
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker
187 Ride or Die
1941: Counter Attack
1943 Kai
1943: The Battle of Midway
1945 I&II The Arcade Games
1999 Hore, Mitakotoka! Seikimatsu
19: Neunzehn
19:03 Ueno Hatsu Yakou Ressha
2 Games For 1 Great Price!: Big Beach Sports / Big Beach Sports 2
2 Games In 1 Double Pack - Hot Wheels: World Race / Velocity X
2 Games In 1 Double Pack - SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom / Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy
2 Games In 1 Double Pack - SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge / Revenge of the Flying Dutchman
2 Games In 1 Double Pack: Finding Nemo / Monsters, Inc.
2 Games In 1 Double Pack: Power Rangers: Time Force / Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
2 Games In 1 Double Value!: Monster Trucks / Quad Desert Fury
2 Games In 1: Disney Princess + Disney's The Lion King
2 Games In 1: Disney's Baren Bruder + Disney's Konig der Lowen
2 Games In 1: Disney's Brother Bear / Disney Princess
2 Games In 1: Finding Nemo / The Incredibles
2 Games In 1: LEGO Knights' Kingdom + LEGO Bionicle
2 Games In 1: Shrek 2 / Shark Tale
2 Games In 1: Sonic Pinball Party + Sonic Battle
2 Games In 1: Sonic Pinball Party / Columns Crown
2 Games In 1: SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge / Rugrats Go Wild
2 Games In 1: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie / SpongeBob SquarePants and Friends in Freeze Frame Frenzy
2 Games for 1 Great Price!: Wheel of Fortune / Jeopardy!
2 Games in 1 Double Pack: Scooby-Doo / Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
2 Games in 1 Double Pack: Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase / Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem
2 Games in 1 Double Pack: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom / The Fairly OddParents! Breakin' Da Rules
2 Games in 1 Double Pack: The Incredibles / Finding Nemo: The Continuing Adventures
2 Games in 1! Archer Maclean's Mercury / Mercury Meltdown
2 Games in 1: GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing + MotoGP
2 Games in 1: Sonic Advance + Sonic Battle
2 Games in 1: The Incredibles / Finding Nemo
2 Games in 1: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie / Battle for Bikini Bottom
2 Games in 1: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie / Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams
2 Hits Pack: Sonic Forces / Puyo Puyo Tetris - Sega Collection
2 In 1 Game Pack: Shrek 2 / Shark Tale
2 In 1 Game Pack: Spider-Man / Spider-Man 2
2 In 1 Game Pack: Spider-Man Mysterio's Menace / X2 Wolverine's Revenge
2 In 1 Game Pack: Tony Hawk's Underground / Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
2 In 1: Asterix & Obelix Jetzt Geht's Rund! + Asterix & Obelix XXL
2 Jeux En 1: Titeuf: Ze Gag Machine / Titeuf: Mega Compet
2 Pak Special: Dungeon Master / Creature Strike
2 Xtreme
2 for 1 Power Pack: Indianapolis 500 Legends/WWII Aces
2 for 1 Power Pack: Kawasaki Jet Ski/Summer Sports 2
2 for 1 Power Pack: Winter Blast/Summer Sports 2
2 in 1 Combo Pack: Sonic Heroes / Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
2 in 1 Combo Pack: Sonic Mega Collection Plus / Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
2-In-1 Fun Pack: Madagascar: Operation Penguin / Shrek 2
2-in-1 Party Pack: Shrek's Carnival Craze / Madagascar Kartz
200-Mannin no KanKen: Tokoton Kanji Nou
2002 FIFA World Cup
2003-Toshi Kaimaku: Ganbare Kyuukaiou
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
2020 Super Baseball
20th Century Video Almanac
21 Card Games
21 Emon: Mezase! Hotel Ou
21: TwoOne
24-ji no Kane to Cinderella: Halloween Wedding
24: The Game
25 to Life
250 Mannin no Kanken Premium - Zenkyuu Zen-Kanji Kanzen Seiha
250 Mannin no Kanken: Wii de Tokoton Kanji Nou
2999 Game Kids
2K Essentials Collection: Bioshock / Borderlands / XCOM: Enemy Unknown
2K Essentials Collection: Bioshock / Borderlands/ XCOM: Enemy Unknown
2K Power Pack
2Tax Gold
3 Choume no Tama: Tama and Friends - 3 Choume Obake Panic!!
3 Count Bout
3 Games in 1: Tak / SuperSponge / Rugrats: I Gotta Go Party
3 Ninjas Kick Back
3 Ninjas Kick Back / Hook
3 in 1: Solitaire, Mahjong & Tangram
3-D Tetris
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride
3-D WorldRunner
3-Fun Yosou Umaban Club
3-Nen B-Gumi Kinpachi Sensei: Densetsu no Kyoudan ni Tate!
300: March to Glory
360: Three Sixty
3D Atlas
3D Baseball
3D Crazy Coaster
3D Dot Game Heroes
3D Game Collection: 55-in-1
3D Lemmings
3D MahJongg
3D Mine Storm
3D MiniGolf
3D Narrow Escape
3D Pocket Pool
3D Shooting Tsukuru
3DO Buffet
3LDK: Shiawase ni Narouyo
3X3 Eyes: Kyuusei Koushu S
3on3 Freestyle
3x3 Eyes: Juuma Houkan
3x3 Eyes: Kyuusei Koushu
3x3 Eyes: Sanjiyan Henjyo
3x3 Eyes: Seima Kourinden
3x3 Eyes: Tenrinou Genmu
4 Elements
4 Elements II
4 Games on One Game Pak: GT Advance / GT Advance 2 / GT Advance 3 / MotoGP
4 Nin Shogi
4 Nin uchi Mahjong
4 Wheel Thunder
4 in 1 Action Pack
4 in 1 Row
4 in 1 Super CD
4-4-2 Soccer
4-in-1 Fun Pak
4-in-1 Funpak: Volume II
40 Winks
428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de
4X4 EVO 2
4X4 Evolution
4x4 EVO 2
4x4 Evolution
5 In One Fun Pak
5 Star Racing
5-Kyuu kara 1-Kyuu Kanzen Taiou: Saishin Kako Mondai - 2-Ji Shiken Taisaku - Eiken Kanzenban
5-nin no Koi Prince: Himitsu no Keiyaku Kekkon
50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
50 Cent: Bulletproof
50 Cent: Bulletproof G Unit Edition
50 Classic Games
50 Classic Games 3D
50 More Classic Games
6 Inch My Darling
6 in 1
64 Hanafuda: Tenshi no Yakusoku
64 Oozumou
64 Oozumou 2
64 Trump Collection: Alice no Waku Waku Trump World
64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi World
688 Attack Sub
7 Blades
7 Days to Die
7 Sins
7 Wonders II
7 Wonders of the Ancient World
7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven
700-Banjin no Atama o Yokusuru: Chou Keisan DS - 13000-Mon + Image Keisan
720 Degrees
77: Beyond the Milky Way
7th Dragon
7th Dragon 2020
7th Dragon 2020-II
7th Dragon III Code: VFD
8 Eyes
8-Bit Armies
88 Heroes
88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition
90 Minutes: European Prime Goal
90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football
989 Sports Demo Disc
99 Nendohan: Eitango Center 1500
99 no Namida
A Boy and His Blob
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia
A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life / Tigger's Honey Hunt / Tarzan - Collector's Edition
A Bug's Life Activity Centre
A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV
A Labyrinth Game / Supermind
A Mars Moose Adventure - Cosmic Quest 1: City Sights
A Mars Moose Adventure - Cosmic Quest 2: Fairy Tale Island
A Mars Moose Adventure - Cosmic Quest 3: Race Through France
A Mars Moose Adventure - Stay & Play 1: In the Clubhouse
A Mars Moose Adventure - Stay & Play 2: In Mars' Bedroom
A Mars Moose Adventure - Stay & Play 3: In Lonnie's Classroom
A Mars Moose Adventure - Walkabout 1: The Natural History Museum
A Mars Moose Adventure - Walkabout 2: The Shakespeare Festival
A Mars Moose Adventure - Walkabout 3: World Sports Day
A Nanjarin
A Rose in the Twilight
A Witch's Tale
A Year at Pooh Corner
A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen
A-Ressha de Ikou
A-Ressha de Ikou 2001
A-Ressha de Ikou 2001 Perfect Set
A-Ressha de Ikou 3D NEO
A-Ressha de Ikou DS
A-Ressha de Ikou DS: Navigation Pack
A-Ressha de Ikou MD
A-Ressha de Ikou Z: Mezase! Tairiku Oudan
A-Train 3D: City Simulator
A-Train 6
A-Train HX
A-Train: City Simulator
A-Train: Trains - Power - Money
A. IV Evolution: A-Ressha de Ikou 4
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode 2
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode 3: The Final
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode R
A.III: A-Ressha de Ikou III
A.S.P. Air Strike Patrol
A.W. Phoenix Festa
A2 Racer II
A2 Racer III: Europa Tour
A5: A-Ressha de Ikou 5
AAAHH!!! Real Monsters
ABBA: You Can Dance
ABC Monday Night Football
ABPA Backgammon
AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack
AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
ACB Total 2010/2011
ACME Animation Factory
ADK Tamashii
AFL 99
AFL Live 2004
AH-3 Thunderstrike
AI Igo
AI Igo 2003
AI Igo: Saturn Version
AI Mahjong
AI Mahjong 2003
AI Mahjong Selection
AI Shogi
AI Shogi 2
AI Shogi 2 Deluxe
AI Shogi 2000
AI Shogi 2003
AI Shogi 3
AI Shogi Selection
AIII S.V.: A-Ressha de Ikou 3 Super Version
AKB1/149: Renai Sousenkyo
AKB1/48: Idol to Guam de Koishitara...
AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara...
ALC no 10-Punkan Eigo Master: Chuukyuu
ALC no 10-Punkan Eigo Master: Joukyuu
ALC no 10-Punkan Eigo Master: Shokyuu
AMF Bowling 2004
AMF Bowling Pinbusters!
AMF Bowling World Lanes
AMF Xtreme Bowling
AR Games
ARK: Survival Evolved
ASCII Entertainment Demo Disc
ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat
ATP Tour Championship Tennis
ATV Mania
ATV Offroad Fury
ATV Offroad Fury 2
ATV Offroad Fury 3
ATV Offroad Fury 4
ATV Offroad Fury Pro
ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails
ATV Quad Frenzy
ATV Quad Kings
ATV Quad Power Racing 2
ATV Racers
ATV Racing
ATV Renegades
ATV Thunder Ridge Riders / Monster Trucks Mayhem
ATV Wild Ride
ATV: Quad Power Racing
ATV: Thunder Ridge Riders
AV Poker World Gambler
Aa Harimanada
Aa Megami-sama
Aa Yakyuu Jinsei Icchokusen
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War
Abarenbou Princess
Absolute Supercars
Absolute: Blazing Infinity
Abunai Koi no Sousashitsu: Eternal Happiness
Abunai: Koi no Sousa Shitsu
Academy of Champions: Soccer
Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight
Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei
Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten
Accele Brid
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
Ace Combat 2
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
Ace Combat 6: Kaihou e no Senka / Beautiful Katamari Damacy
Ace Combat 6: Kaihou e no Senka / Lost Planet: Colonies
Ace Combat Advance
Ace Combat Assault Horizon
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy+
Ace Combat: Joint Assault
Ace Lightning
Ace o Nerae!
Ace of Aces
Aces of War
Aces of the Air
Acid Drop
Acrobat Mission
Acrylic Palette: Irodori Cafe - Cheers
ActRaiser 2
Action 52
Action Bass
Action Fighter
Action Girlz Racing
Action Man A.T.O.M.: Alpha Teens on Machines
Action Man: Destruction X
Action Man: Operation Extreme
Action Man: Robot Atak
Action Man: Search for Base X
Action Pachio
Action Pack: Prince of Persia Revelations, Driver 76, Rainbow Six Vegas
Active Health with Carol Vorderman
Active Life Explorer
Active Life Value Pack
Active Life: Extreme Challenge
Active Life: Magical Carnival
Active Life: Outdoor Challenge
Activision Anthology
Activision Classic Games
Activision Demo Action Pack
Activision Hits Remixed
Actua Golf 3
Actua Ice Hockey
Actua Ice Hockey 2
Actua Pool
Actua Soccer 2
Actua Soccer 3
Actua Soccer: Club Edition
Actua Tennis
Ad Lib Ouji ...to Fuyukai na Nakama-tachi!?
Adam & Eve
Adam's Venture Chronicles
Adam's Venture: Origins
Addams Family Values
Addie no Okurimono: To Moze from Addie
Adian no Tsue
Adiboo & Paziral's Secret
Adiboo and the Energy Thieves
Adibou Et L'Ombre Verte
Adidas Power Soccer
Adidas Power Soccer 2
Adidas Power Soccer 98
Adidas Power Soccer International '97
Adidas miCoach
Adrenalin Misfits
Adult Swim Collection
Advan Racing
Advance Guardian Heroes
Advance Wars
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Advanced Daisenryaku 2001
Advanced Daisenryaku: Deutsch Dengeki Sakusen
Advanced Daisenryaku: Europe no Arashi - Doitsu Dengeki Sakusen
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrike
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin
Advanced V.G.
Advanced V.G. 2
Advanced World War: Sennen Teikoku no Koubou
Advent Rising
Adventure II
Adventure Island
Adventure Island 3
Adventure Island II
Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise
Adventure Mega Pack
Adventure Player
Adventure Quiz Capcom World: Hatena no Daibouken
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
Adventure of Little Ralph
Adventure of Tokyo Disney Sea
Adventures in Letterland With Jack and Jill
Adventures of Dino Riki
Adventures of Lolo
Adventures of Lolo 2
Adventures of Lolo 3
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Adventures of Tron
Adventures of Yogi Bear
Adventures to Go!
Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos
Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault
Aeon Flux
Aerial Assault
Aero Blasters
Aero Dancing F: Todoroki Tsubasa no Hatsu Hikou
Aero Dancing i
Aero Dancing i: Jikai Sakuma de Machite Masen
Aero Dancing: Torodoki Taichou no Himitsu Disc
Aero Elite: Combat Academy
Aero Fighters
Aero Fighters 2
Aero Fighters 3
Aero Fighters Assault
Aero The Acro-Bat
Aero the Acro-Bat
Aero the Acro-Bat 2
Aero the Acro-bat
AeroWings 2: Air Strike
Aerobics Revolution
Aerobiz Supersonic
Afraid Gear
Afraid Gear Another
Afro Inu: The Puzzle
Afro Samurai
After Armageddon Gaiden: Majuu Toushouden Eclipse
After Burner
After Burner II
After Burner III
After Burner: Black Falcon
After Burst
After Hours Athletes
After... Wasureenu Kizuna
Again: Interactive Crime Novel
Agarest Senki Mariage
Agassi Tennis Generation
Agatha Christie's The ABC Murders
Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None
Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun
Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
Age of Empires: Mythologies
Age of Empires: The Age of Kings
Agent Armstrong: Himitsu Shirei Daisakusen
Agent Collection
Agent Hugo
Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday
Agent Hugo: Lemoon Twist
Agent Hugo: Roborumble
Agents of Mayhem
Aggressive Inline
Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Agile Warrior F-111X
Ai Cho Aniki
Ai Sensei no Oshiete: Watashi no Hoshi
Ai Senshi Nicol
Ai Yori Aoshi
Aibou DS
Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage
Aigiina no Yogen: Balubalouk no Densetsu Yori
Aigina no Yogen: Balubalouk no Densetsu Yori
Aikatsu Stars! My Special Appeal
Aikatsu! 2-nin no My Princess
Aikatsu! 365-Hi no Idol Days
Aikatsu! Cinderella Lesson
Aikatsu! My No.1 Stage!
Ailu de Puzzle
Air Battle!
Air Buster
Air Cavalry
Air Combat
Air Conflicts Double Pack
Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - Ultimate Edition
Air Conflicts: Vietnam
Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition
Air Diver
Air Fortress
Air Hockey
Air Management '96
Air Race Championship
Air Raid
Air Raid 3
Air Raiders
Air Ranger 2 Plus: Rescue Helicopter
Air Ranger 2: Rescue Helicopter
Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter
Air Rescue
Air Strike
Air Traffic Chaos
Air Zonk
Air-Sea Battle
AirBoarder 64
AirForce Delta
AirForce Delta Storm
AirForce Delta Strike
Airborne Troops: Countdown to D-Day
Airs Adventure
Airship Q
Airwolf (Japan)
Aishiau Kotoshika Dekinai
Aisle Lord
Aitakute...Your Smiles in My Heart
Aiyoku no Eustia: Angel's Blessing
Aka-Chan Doubutsu Sono
Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Tsuki no Hikari
Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Yasoukyoku - Hon ni Manekareta Satsujin
Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha
Akagawa Jirou: Majotachi no Nemuri: Fukkatsusai
Akagawa Jirou: Yasoukyoku
Akagawa Jirou: Yasoukyoku 2
Akagi: Touhaiden
Akagi: Yami ni Furitatta Tensai
Akai Ito
Akai Ito DS
Akai Ito Destiny DS
Akai Katana
Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki
Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka Portable
Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka: Parallel
Akatsuki no Amaneka to Aoi Kyojin
Akatsuki no Goei Trinity
Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
Akazu no Ma
Akazukin ChaCha
Akiba's Beat
Akiba's Trip
Akiba's Trip 2+A
Akiba's Trip Plus
Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed
Akihabara Dennou Kumi Peta Pies!
Akira Psycho Ball
Akiyama Jin No Suugaku Mystery
Akko de Pon! Ikasama Hourouki
Akko ni Omakase! Brain Shock
Akogare Girls Collection: Lovely Youchien
Akogare Girls Collection: Mister Donut DS
Akogare Girls Collection: Ohanaya-San Monogatari
Akogare Girls Collection: Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari
Akogare Girls Collection: Suteki ni Nurse Days
Akudaikan 2: Mousouden
Akudaikan 3
Akudaikan Manyuuki
Akudaikan Manyuuki: Seigi no Yaiba
Akuji the Heartless
Akuma Zensho Dainishuu
Akuma-kun: Makai no Wana
Akumajou Dracula
Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun
Akuu Senki Raijin
Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top
Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing
Alabama Meets Will Vi
Aladdin Magic Racer
Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge
Alan Wake
Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time
Alarm fuer Cobra 11 Vol II
Albert Odyssey
Albert Odyssey 2: Jashin no Taidou
Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean
Album Club: Mune Kyun * Saint Poria Jogakuin
Aleck Bordon Adventure: Tower & Shaft Advance
Alekhine's Gun
Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001
Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2002
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Alex Kidd: High-Tech World
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
Alexandra Ledermann: Summer Camp Adventures
Alexi Lalas International Soccer
Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano
Alfred Chicken
Alfred's Adventure
Alia's Carnival! Sacrament
Alice in Cyberland
Alice in Wonderland
Alice no Paint Adventure
Alice on Borderlines
Alice's Mom's Rescue
Alice: Madness Returns
Alien 3
Alien Breed Trilogy
Alien Brigade
Alien Chaos 3D
Alien Crush
Alien Front Online
Alien Hominid
Alien Invaders Plus!
Alien Monster Bowling League
Alien Olympics
Alien Raiders
Alien Resurrection
Alien Soldier
Alien Storm
Alien Syndrome
Alien Trilogy
Alien vs. Predator
Alien vs. Predator: The Last of His Clan
Alien: Isolation
Alienators: Evolution Continues
Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction
Aliens in the Attic
Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Aliens: Infestation
Aliens: Thanatos Encounter
Alisia Dragoon
All 1
All Grown Up! Express Yourself
All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua
All Japan Woman Pro Wrestling
All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation
All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2
All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.
All Round Hunter
All Star 5-A-Side Football
All Star Action
All Star Cheer Squad
All Star Cheer Squad 2
All Star Karate
All Star Pro-Wrestling
All Star Racing
All Star Racing 2
All Star Soccer
All Star Tennis '99
All Star Tennis 2000
All Star Tennis 99
All Star Watersports
All-Pro Basketball
All-Pro Football 2K8
All-Star 1997 Featuring Frank Thomas
All-Star Baseball
All-Star Baseball 2000
All-Star Baseball 2001
All-Star Baseball 2002
All-Star Baseball 2003
All-Star Baseball 2004
All-Star Baseball 2005
All-Star Baseball 99
All-Star Fighters
All-Star Mahjong: Kareinaru Shoubushi Kara no Chousen
All-Star Major League Baseball
All-Star Professional Wrestling II
All-Star Professional Wrestling III
All-Star Slammin' D-Ball
All-Star Tennis 2
Allied Ace Pilots
Allied General
Alnam no Kiba: Juuzoku Juuni Shinto Densetsu
Alnam no Tsubasa: Shoujin no Sora no Kanata e
Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 2
Alone in the Dark: Inferno
Alone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's Revenge
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Alpha Beam With Ernie
Alpha Mission
Alpha Mission II
Alpha Protocol
Alpha and Omega
Alpine Racer 3
Alpine Ski Racing 2007
Alpine Skiing 2005
Alpine Skiing!
Alter Echo
Altered Beast
Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms
Altered Space: A 3-D Alien Adventure
Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
Alzadick: Summer Carnival `92
Amaekata wa Kanojo Nari ni.
Amagi Shien
Amagoushi no Yakata
Amagoushi no Yakata Portable: Ichiyagi Wa, Saisho no Junan
Amatsumi Sora ni! Kumo no Hatate ni
Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins
Amazing Island
Amazing Penguin
Amazing Tater
America Daitouryou Senkyo: United State Presidental Race
America Daitouryou Senkyo: United State Presidential Race
America Oudan Ultra Quiz
America Oudan Ultra Quiz: Shijou Saidai no Tatakai
America Oudan Ultra-Quiz
America Oudan Ultra-Quiz Part 2
America Oudan Ultra-Quiz Part 3
America Oudan Ultra-Quiz Part 4
America's Army: Rise of a Soldier
America's Army: True Soldiers
America's Greatest Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy!
America's Next Top Model
America's Next Top Model (2008)
America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking
American Bass Challenge
American Battle Dome
American Chopper
American Chopper 2: Full Throttle
American Dream
American Girl: Julie Finds a Way
American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge!
American Gladiators
American Idol
American Mensa Academy
American Ninja Warrior
American Pool
American Pool II
Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy
Amnesia Twin Pack
Amnesia World
Amnesia: Crowd
Amnesia: Later
Amnesia: Later x Crowd V. Edition
Amnesia: Memories
Among the Sleep
Amped 2
Amped 3
Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
An American Tail
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
An American Tail: Fievel's Gold Rush
AnEarth Fantasy Stories: First Volume
Anan Kanshuu: Onna Dikara Kinkyuu Up! DS
Anarchy Reigns
Anata Dake no Private Lesson - DS de Hajimeru - Tipness no Yoga
Anata o Yurusanai
Ancient Magic: Bazoe! Mahou Sekai
Ancient Roman: Power of Dark Side
And 1 Streetball
Andre Agassi Tennis
Andre Panza Kick Boxing
Andretti Racing
Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals: Sing and Dance
Andro Dunos
Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm
Angel Blade: Neo Tokyo Guardians
Angel Cat Sugar
Angel Collection
Angel Graffiti S: Anata e no Profile
Angel Graffiti: Anata e no Profile
Angel Love Online
Angel Paradise Vol. 1
Angel Paradise Vol. 2: Eshinu Kimika
Angel Present
Angel Profile
Angel Senki
Angel Wish
Angel Wish: Kimi no Egao ni Chu!
Angel's Feather
Angel's Feather: Kuro no Zanei
Angelic Concert
Angelique Duet
Angelique Etoile
Angelique History
Angelique Retour
Angelique Special
Angelique Special 2
Angelique Trois
Angelique Trois: Aizouhen
Angelique Voice Fantasy
Angelique: Maren no Rokukishi
Angelique: Tenkuu no Requiem
Angler's Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D
Angolmois 99
Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Trilogy
Anima: Gate of Memories
Animal Boxing
Animal Breeder
Animal Breeder 2
Animal Breeder 3
Animal Breeder 4
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival
Animal Football
Animal Genius
Animal Hospital
Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition
Animal Mania
Animal Paradise
Animal Paradise Wild
Animal Planet: Emergency Vets
Animal Planet: Vet Collection
Animal Planet: Vet Life
Animal Snap: Rescue Them 2 By 2
Animal Soccer World
Animal Yokochou: Doki Doki Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! no Maki
Animal Yokochou: Doki*Doki Shinkyuu Shiken! no Kan
Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley
Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action!
Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt
Animastar GB
Anime Eikaiwa: 15 Shounen Hyouryuuhen
Anime Eikaiwa: Tondemo Nezumi Daikatsuyaku
Anime Eikaiwa: Totoi
Anime Slot Revolution: Pachi-Slot Kidou Senshi Gundam II - Ai Senshi Hen
Animetic Story Game 1: Card Captor Sakura
Animorphs: Shattered Reality
Ankh: Curse of the Scarab King
Ankh: Tutankhamen no Nazo
Ankoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu
Annet Futatabi
Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
Anoko Doko Noko
Anoko wa Ore Kara Hanarenai
Anone DS
Another Bible
Another Century's Episode Portable
Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories
Another Memories
Another Mind
Another Time Another Leaf: Kagami no Naka no Tantei
Another World
Anpanman Niko Niko Party
Anpanman to Asobo: ABC Kyoushitsu
Anpanman to Asobo: Aiueo Kyoushitsu
Anpanman to Asobo: New Aiueo Kyoushitsu
Anpanman to Asobu: Aiueo Kyoushitsu DX
Anpanman to Touch de Waku Waku Training
Anpanman to Touch de Wakuwaku Training
Anpfiff: Der RTL Fussball-Manager
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Assassin Ikusei Keikaku!!
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Korosensei Daihouimou!!
Ant Nation
Antarctic Adventure
Antiphona no Seikahime: Tenshi no Score Op.A
Antz Extreme Racing
Antz Racing
Antz World Sportz
Anubis II
Ao Zora to Nakama Tachi: Yume no Bouken
Ao Zora to Nakama Tachi: Yume no Bouken Plus
Ao no 6-gou: Antarctica
Ao no Exorcist: Genkoku no Labyrinth
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm HD Edition
Ao-Don DS: Hanabi no Goku & Hanabi no Takumi
Aoi Hagane no Kihei: Space Griffon
Aoi Namida
Aoi Sora no Neosphere: Nanoca Flanka Hatsumei Koubouki 2
Aoi Umi no Tristia Portable: Nanoca Flanka Hatsumei Koubouki
Aoi Umi no Tristia: 10th Anniversary Memorial Pack
Aoi Umi no Tristia: Nanoca Flanka Hatsumei Koubouki
Aoi no Mamade...
Aoki Densetsu Shoot!
Aoki Kakumeki no Valkyria
Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika: Genchou Hishi
Apache: Air Assault
Apathy: Narugami Gakuen Toshi Densetsu Tantei Kyoku
Ape Escape
Ape Escape 2
Ape Escape 3
Ape Escape Academy
Ape Escape Academy 2
Ape Escape: Million Monkeys
Ape Escape: On the Loose
Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed
Ape Quest
Apocalypse: Desire Next
Apollo 11 VR Experience
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Appare! Gateball
Appare! Shogi Jiisan
Apple Town Monogatari
Appleseed EX
Aqua Aqua
Aqua GT
Aqua Kids
Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX
Aqua Panic!
Aqua Paradise: Boku no Suizokukan
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am
Aqua World: Umibi Monogatari
AquaNox: The Angel's Tears
AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match
AquaZone Option Disk Series 1: Angel Fish
AquaZone Option Disk Series 2: Black Molly
AquaZone Option Disk Series 3: Blue Emperor
AquaZone Option Disk Series 4: Clown Loach
AquaZone Option Disk Series 5: False Rummy-Nose
AquaZone: Desktop Life
AquaZone: Life Simulator
Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis
Aquanaut no Kyuujitsu 2
Aquanaut no Kyuujitsu: Memories of Summer 1996
Aquanaut's Holiday
Aquanaut's Holiday: Kakusareta Kiroku
Aquarian Age: Tokyo Wars
Aquarium by DS
Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star
Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star
Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel
Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia
Arabian Nights
Arabians Doubt
Arabians Lost
Arabians Lost & Doubt Twin Pack
Araiguma Rascal: Raccoon Rascal
Arashi no Yoruni
Arasuji de Kitaeru Sokumimi no Susume DS
Arasuji de Oboeru Sokudoku no Susume DS
Arc Arena
Arc Rise Fantasia
Arc the Lad
Arc the Lad Collection
Arc the Lad II
Arc the Lad III
Arc the Lad: End of Darkness
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Arcade 3D
Arcade Archives: Darius
Arcade Classic No. 1: Asteroids / Missile Command
Arcade Classic No. 2: Centipede / Millipede
Arcade Classic No. 3: Galaga / Galaxian
Arcade Classic No. 4: Defender / Joust
Arcade Classic Shuu
Arcade Classics
Arcade Classics: Super Breakout / Battlezone
Arcade Classics: Volume One
Arcade Hits: Moon Cresta
Arcade Hits: Raiden
Arcade Hits: Soukyuugurentai
Arcade Party Pak
Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo
Arcade Shooting Gallery
Arcade Smash Hits
Arcade USA
Arcade Zone
Arcana Famiglia 2
Arcana Famiglia: Festa Regalo
Arcana Famiglia: La storia della Aracana Famiglia
Arcana Famiglia: La storia della Aracana Famiglia - Ancora
Arcana Famiglia: Vascello Phantasma no Majutsushi
Arcana Heart
Arcana Heart 3
Arcana Heart 3: LOVEMAX!!!!!
Arcana Strikes
Arcania: Gothic 4
Arcania: The Complete Tale
Arch Rivals
Arch Rivals: A Basket Brawl!
Archer MacLean's Super Dropzone
Archer Maclean's 3D Pool
Archer Maclean's Mercury
Arcobaleno! Portable
Arctic Tale
Arctic Thunder
Arcus 1-2-3
Arcus Odyssey
Ardy Lightfoot
Are You Alice?
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader: Make the Grade
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Back to School
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Make the Grade
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Game Time
Are! Mo Kore? Mo Momotarou
Area 51
Arena Football
Arena Football: Road to Glory
Arena: Maze of Death
Aretha II
Aretha II: Ariel no Fushigi na Tabi
Aretha III
Aretha the Super Famicom
Argos no Juujiken
Argos no Senshi
Aria: The Natural ~Tooi Yume no Mirage~
Aria: The Origination ~Aoi Hoshi no El Cielo~
Ark of Time
Arkana Senki Ludo
Arkanoid DS
Arkanoid II
Arkanoid Returns
Arkanoid: Doh It Again
Arkista's Ring
Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel
ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny
Armada F/X Racers
Armana no Kiseki
Armed Fighter
Armed and Dangerous
Armen Noir
Armen Noir Portable
Armin Van Buuren: In The Mix
Armor Ambush
Armor Battle
Armored Core
Armored Core 2
Armored Core 2: Another Age
Armored Core 3
Armored Core 3 Portable
Armored Core 4
Armored Core V
Armored Core: For Answer
Armored Core: Formula Front
Armored Core: Formula Front - Extreme Battle
Armored Core: Last Raven
Armored Core: Last Raven Portable
Armored Core: Master of Arena
Armored Core: Nexus
Armored Core: Nine Breaker
Armored Core: Project Phantasma
Armored Core: Silent Line Portable
Armored Core: Verdict Day
Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase!
Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.
Arms' Heart
Army Corps of Hell
Army Men
Army Men 2
Army Men 3D
Army Men Advance
Army Men Gold: Collector's Edition
Army Men World War: Final Front
Army Men World War: Team Assault
Army Men: Air Attack
Army Men: Air Attack 2
Army Men: Air Combat
Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions
Army Men: Green Rogue
Army Men: Major Malfunction
Army Men: Operation Green
Army Men: RTS
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2
Army Men: Sarge's War
Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune
Army Men: Turf Wars
Army Men: World War
Army Men: World War - Land, Sea, Air
Army Rescue
Army of Two
Army of Two: The 40th Day
Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
Around The World in 50 Games
Around the World in 80 Days
Arrow Flash
Arslan Senki
Arslan: The Warriors of Legend
Art Academy
Art Academy: Home Studio
Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone
Art Alive
Art Camion Geijutsuden
Art Camion Sugorokuden
Art Master
Art of Fighting
Art of Fighting 2
Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior
Art of Fighting Anthology
Arthur and the Invisibles
Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard
Arthur to Astaroth no Nazo-Makai-Mura: Incredible Toons
Arthur! Ready to Race
Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!
Artillery Duel
Artist Tool
Arubarea no Otome ~Uruwashi no Seishikitachi~
Arx Fatalis
Asahi Shinbun Rensai Katou Hifumi Kudan Shogi Shingiryuu
Asaki, Yumemishi
Asameshimae Nyanko
Ashes Cricket 2009
Ashita no Joe
Ashita no Joe 2: The Anime Super Remix
Ashita no Joe Touchi: Typing Namida Hashi
Ashita no Joe: Masseki ni Moe Agare!
Ashita no Joe: Masshiro ni Moe Tsukiro!
Asmik-Kun Land
Asmik-kun World 2
Asoberu Eigo: Word Magic DS
Asobi ni Iku yo! Chikyuu Pinchi no Konyaku Sengen
Ason de Chinou Up
Ason de Wakaru - The Party Casino
Asonde Aiueo
Asonde Igo ga Sara ni Tsuyokunaru: Ginsei Igo DS Chuukyuuhen
Asonde Igo ga Tsuyoku naru!! Ginsei Igo DS
Asonde Kazu Suuji
Asonde Shogi ga Kyoukunaru! Kane Hoshi Shogi DX
Asonde Shogi ga Tsuyoku naru!! Ginsei Shogi DS
Asphalt 3D
Asphalt: Injection
Asphalt: Urban GT
Asphalt: Urban GT 2
Aspic: Mahebiou no Noroi
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed Anthology
Assassin's Creed Chronicles
Assassin's Creed Double Pack
Assassin's Creed II
Assassin's Creed II: Complete Edition
Assassin's Creed II: Discovery
Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Assassin's Creed IV: Jackdaw Edition
Assassin's Creed Origins
Assassin's Creed Rogue
Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Assassin's Creed Unity
Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - The Da Vinci Edition
Assassin's Creed: Connor Saga
Assassin's Creed: Ezio Saga
Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy
Assassin's Creed: Heritage Collection
Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Ottoman Edition
Assassin's Creed: The Americas Collection
Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection
Assault City
Assault Rigs
Assault Suit Leynos
Assault Suit Leynos 2
Assault Suits Valken
Assault Suits Valken 2
Assault: Retribution
Assetto Corsa
Asterix & Obelix
Asterix & Obelix Contre Cesar
Asterix & Obelix Take on Caesar
Asterix & Obelix XXL
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission: Wifix
Asterix & Obelix XXL2: Mission: Las Vegum
Asterix & Obelix: Kick Buttix
Asterix & Obelix: Paf! Par Toutatis!
Asterix Brain Trainer
Asterix and the Great Rescue
Asterix and the Power of the Gods
Asterix and the Secret Mission
Asterix at the Olympic Games
Asterix: Auf Der Suche Nach Idefix
Asterix: Mega Madness
Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods
Asterix: These Romans Are Crazy!
Asteroid Fire
Asteroids Hyper 64
Astonishia Story
Astra Superstars
Astral Bout
AstralAir no Shiroki Eien: White Eternity
Astro Boy
Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Astro Boy: The Video Game
Astro Chase
Astro Fang: Super Machine
Astro Invaders
Astro Kyuudan: Kessen!! Victory Kyuudanhen
Astro Rabby
Astro Robo Sasa
Astro Warrior
Astro Warrior & Pit Pot
Astrology DS: The Stars In Your Hands
Asuka 120% Excellent: Burning Fest. Excellent
Asuka 120% Final: Burning Fest. Final
Asuka 120% Limited: Burning Fest. Limited
Asuka 120% Maxima: Burning Fest. Maxima
Asuka 120% Special: Burning Fest Special
Asuncia: Matsue no Jubaku
Asura's Wrath
Atama de Do! Kotenko Kotenko
Atama ga Yoku Naru - The Me no Training
Atama no Kaiten no Training: Rubik's Cube & Chou Yuumei Puzzle Tachi
Atama o Kitaete Asobu Taisen Yajirushi Puzzle: Puppyinu Vector One
Atari Anniversary Advance
Atari Anniversary Edition
Atari Anniversary Edition Redux
Atari Anthology
Atari Classics Evolved
Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 1
Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 2
Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1
Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2
Atari Karts
Atari Masterpieces Vol. I
Atari Masterpieces Vol. II
Atari Video Cube
Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island
Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk
Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny
Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings
Atelier Marie + Elie
Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland
Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland
Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland
Athena no Kateiban: Family Game
Athena ~Awakening from the ordinary life~
Athens 2004
Athletic World
Atlantic Quest
Atlantis III: The New World
Atlantis no Nazo
Atlantis: The Lost Continent
Atlantis: The Lost Tales
Atom Smasher
Atomic Betty
Atomic Punk
Atomic Robo-Kid
Atomic Robo-Kid Special
Atomic Runner
Atrevete a Sonar
Atsumare! GuruGuru Onsen
Atsumare! GuruGuru Onsen BB
Atsumare! Power Pro Kun no DS Koushien
Attack Animal Gakuen
Attack of the Killer Demos
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Attack of the Movies 3D
Attack of the Mutant Penguins
Attack of the Saucerman!
Attack of the Timelord!
Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains
AubirdForce After
Audio Hero
Aura Battler Dunbine
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another World
Austin Mini Racing
Austin Powers Pinball
Austin Powers: Oh, Behave!
Austin Powers: Welcome to my Underground Lair!
Australian Rugby League
Auto Crusher Palladium
Auto Destruct
Auto Modellista
Auto Racing
AutoBahn Tokio
Autobahn Polizei
Autobahn Raser IV
Autobahn Raser: Das Spiel zum Film
Automobili Lamborghini
Avalon Code
Avatar - The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth
Aven Colony
Avenging Spirit
Away: Shuffle Dungeon
Awesome Golf
Awesome Possum
Awesomenauts Assemble!
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe
Axiom Verge
Ayaka Shibito
Ayaka Shibito Portable
Ayakashi Gohan: Oomori!
Ayakashi Ninden Kunoichiban
Ayakashi Ninden Kunoichiban Plus
Ayakashi no Shiro
Ayakashibito Portable
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel Special
Ayrton Senna Personal Talk: Message for the Future
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Event Megathread - LIVE Parade [Diamond Attention] (November 2020)

Discussion Megathread is here!

This event lasts until November 8th 20:59 JST. (countdown timer here)
LIVE Parade is a touring event, as you take your idols around Japan and step onto the stages. Beware that this event is not newbie-friendly, so do not expect yourself to complete everything if you do not have a decent team and/or cannot do Master. But please don't be disappointed, because you can still obtain at least a copy of each SR via grinding Event Points and/or Attendees.
Before you start, it is beneficial to you to set a difficulty range for your songs. Choose the Event Setting (イベント設定) button under the purple Area Select (エリア選択) button, and set your difficulty (MIN on the left, MAX on the right). You can also change your Tour Name for fun. The three drop-down menus are 'which default units you want for the songs'. The check mark is for displaying the results after each song. If you have it unchecked, the Tours will proceed like a Groove. If you have it checked, results will be shown before proceeding to the next song.
Once you click on the purple button (エリア選択), you will be greeted by a Japan map. On the left side is a list of Tours that you can do. Each Tour has different Targets and a different number of songs. Not hitting any of the Targets will remove the 25% Bonus for your Attendees, as well as the ability to unlock the next Tour.
If you are lost already, here is the nagivation guide in picture form by poporing2, commented here.
上方 Stam Songs Target First Clear Bonus
大阪 10 1 ≥40% Life 50 Star Jewels
滋賀 25 2 ≥50% Life 1 Stamina Drink 10
奈良 40 3 ≥60% Life + ≤45 Bad/Miss 10 000 Money
兵庫 25 2 ≥100% Life + ≥1400 Notes + ≥800 Combo 1 Memory Key
京都 10 1 ≥100% Life + ≥700 Notes + ≥720 000 Score [Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko
Stam Songs Target First Clear Bonus
佐賀 25 2 ≥600 Perfect/Great 1 Stamina Drink 10
長崎 10 1 ≥350 Perfect/Great 10 000 Money
熊本 40 3 ≥1000 Perfect/Great + ≤20 Bad/Miss 500 Friendship Points
大分 10 1 ≥500 Perfect/Great + ≥110% Life + ≥720 000 Score 1 Memory Key
宮崎 40 3 ≥1700 Perfect/Great + ≥900 Combo + ≤5 Bad/Miss [Diamond Attention] Natalia
西 Stam Songs Target First Clear Bonus
鳥取 15 1 ≥300 Notes 10 000 Money
島根 30 2 ≥700 Notes 500 Friendship Points
岡山 45 3 ≥1000 Notes + ≤30 Bad/Miss 1 Stamina Drink 10
香川 45 3 ≥1800 Notes + ≥750 Combo 1 Memory Key
愛媛 15 1 ≤550 Notes + ≥720 000 Score + ≥100% Life [Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko
首都 Stam Songs Target First Clear Bonus
茨城 45 3 ≤35 Bad/Miss 10 000 Money
千葉 30 2 ≤25 Bad/Miss 1 Stamina Drink 10
東京 15 1 ≤13 Bad/Miss + ≥350 000 Score 500 Friendship Points
神奈川 45 3 ≤9 Bad/Miss + ≥90% Life 1 Memory Key
埼玉 30 2 ≤5 Bad/Miss + ≥54 Difficulty + ≥1 440 000 Score [Diamond Attention] Natalia
北東 Stam Songs Target First Clear Bonus
宮城 30 2 ≥800 000 Score + ≥60% Life 1 Stamina Drink 20
秋田 15 1 ≥400 000 Score + ≥70% Life 1 000 Friendship Points
山形 45 3 ≥1 200 000 Score + ≥90% Life 2 Magic Dress
青森 30 2 ≥1 460 000 Score + ≥800 Combo 50 Star Jewels
北海道 45 3 ≥2 220 000 Score + ≥1000 Combo + ≥2400 Notes [Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko
中央 Stam Songs Target First Clear Bonus
福井 15 1 ≥17 Difficulty + ≤7 Bad/Miss 1 Stamina Drink 20
山梨 45 3 ≥51 Difficulty + ≤17 Bad/Miss 20 000 Money
長野 30 2 ≥34 Difficulty + ≤12 Bad/Miss 2 Magic Dress
岐阜 15 1 ≥26 Difficulty + ≤5 Bad/Miss + ≥720 000 Score 50 Star Jewels
静岡 30 2 ≥53 Difficulty + ≤1100 Notes + ≥1 440 000 Score [Diamond Attention] Natalia
Ex Stam Songs Target First Clear Bonus
茨城 20 1 ≥27 Difficulty + ≥100% Life + ≥500 000 Score 20 000 Money
栃木 35 2 ≤3 Bad/Miss + ≥720 Combo + ≥1 100 000 Score 50 Star Jewels
千葉 50 3 ≥1400 Perfect/Great + ≥1000 Combo + ≥1 650 000 Score [Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko
東京 20 1 ≥90% Life + ≥600 Combo + ≤1 Bad/Miss 1 Memory Key
神奈川 50 3 ≥1111 Notes + ≥11 Difficulty + ≥11 Score 250 Star Jewels
Target Type Explanation
Bad/Miss total number of Bad and Miss in the Tour
Perfect/Great total number of Perfect and Great achieved in the Tour
Score combined total Score achieved in the Tour
Life remaining Life of each song
Combo combined total of Max Combo in the Tour
Difficulty combined total of Difficulty rating of the songs in the Tour
Notes total number of Notes in the Tour
FC total number of Full Combo achieved in the Tour
Area to be Unlocked Required Area Required Attendees
南 (2) 上方 (1) 10 000
西 (3) 南 (2) 40 000
首都 (4) 北東 (2) 40 000
北東 (5) 西 (3) 90 000
中央 (6) 首都 (4) 90 000
Ex (7) 北東 (5) & 中央 (6) 110 000 each
In a Tour screen is a list of songs and idol units that will perform that song. You can change the songs by clicking the button (楽曲変更), and you can change the idol units by clicking the button (編成). Some of the songs will be popular, and is shown with a golden disk. These songs will give a 1.5% boost to Attendee gains. Incidentally, you can select the event song, even for the first Tour. You can also pay Money for items to increase your rate of gaining Attendees. The item shop is at the bottom next to Stamina, with the Live Option button (LIVEオプション). Please note that you can only have 1 item active at a time, and it is for 1 Tour only. The Auto button (おすすめ設定) will automatically set everything up for you with no item. The purple button (LIVE開始) will start your Tour.
Items Effect Cost
Smoke Attendees +3% 10 000 Money
Laser Attendees +5% 15 000 Money
Fireworks Attendees +10% 30 000 Money
During your Tour, if you have more than 1 song, you will play the Tour like a Live Groove. You will not be able to heal using Star Jewels, because you are fully healed anyway. Combo is not carried over as well. You can take a break similar to a Live Groove.
Master+ of the event song becomes available after you clear Master version of the song (but as early as unlocking 2nd area).
You can choose to rehearse or view the MV of the event song with the first button (リハーサル MV) button under the purple Area Select button.
There are special businesses that can be done, which would reward minimal Event Points and Promo (Event Items) on top of normal rewards. These items are similar to Live Options (Smoke/LaseFireworks), and are mutually exclusive with other Live Options. You can choose them in the second tab under Live Options. Promos do not carry over to the next event, and will disappear upon the end of this event.
Items Effect
Paper Handouts Attendees +3%
Ad Truck Attendees +5%
TV Special Attendees +10%

You will receive a Stamina Drink 50 every day, and it expires every day.



Stamina Songs Base Attendees Max Attendees Attendees/Stamina Max Attendees/Stamina
10 1 2720 3791 272.0 379.1
15 1 4480 6244 298.7 416.3
20 1 6400 8920 320.0 446.0
25 2 7120 10057 284.8 402.3
30 2 9360 13221 312.0 440.7
35 2 11760 16611 336.0 474.6
40 3 11920 17061 298.0 426.5
45 3 14720 21068 327.1 468.2
50 3 17600 25190 352.0 503.8

Live Party

Difficulty Event Points Item Drop
DEBUT 68 1 Special Business Item (Paper Handouts, Ad Truck, or TV Special)
REGULAR 91 1 Special Business Item (Paper Handouts, Ad Truck, or TV Special)
PRO 125 1 Special Business Item (Paper Handouts, Ad Truck, or TV Special)
MASTER 164 1 Special Business Item (Paper Handouts, Ad Truck, or TV Special)
MASTER+ 164 1 Special Business Item (Paper Handouts, Ad Truck, or TV Special)


Reward Requirement SR SR+
Bar Counter 3 000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 10 000 Event Points Pic Pic+
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 15 000 Event Points Pic Pic+
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 20 000 Event Points
Past Event Idol Scouting Ticket 25 000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 26 000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 30 000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 35 000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 40 000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 500 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 550 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 625 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 700 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 775 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 825 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 1 000 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 1 100 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 1 200 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 1 300 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 1 400 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 1 500 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 1 550 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 1 600 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 1 650 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 1 700 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 1 800 000 Attendees
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 2 000 000 Attendees

Premium Pass Rewards:

Reward Requirement
50 Star Jewels 1000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 2000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 3000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 4000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 5000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Shiina Noriko 6000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 7000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 8000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 9000 Event Points
[Diamond Attention] Natalia 10000 Event Points


Missions Reward
Clear 5 Tours 1 Stamina Drink 30
Clear 10 Tours 5 Magic Dresses
Clear 15 Tours 1 Stamina Drink 30
Clear 20 Tours 10 Magic Dresses
Clear 25 Tours 1 Tiara
Unlock All Area 50 Star Jewels
Clear MASTER+ 50 Star Jewels
Clear 3 Tours (Reset daily) 25 Star Jewels + 1 Candy

Useful Links:


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100K Giveaway - Autumn in Kyoto, with Bonus Food, Makeup & Sightseeing Recs!

Autumn in Kyoto, with Bonus Food, Makeup & Sightseeing Recs! 🍁

Mood Board - Edit: I updated the mood board in imgur to add some Gentle Monster sunnies, and now the pic no longer auto-loads even though the link works. Apparently it’s a common Reddit/imgur bug, but if anyone has a fix, please let me know!
Right around now, I was supposed to be in Kyoto. 🇯🇵 Oh, COVID, what a multi-layered Lady M Matcha Crepe Cake of a year you've given us - destroying everything from long-awaited Japan travel plans to, you know, American democracy, my personal sanity, faith in a republic that may be nearing the end of its 250-year experiment, etc.
I have a picture of Kyoto up on my second monitor for most of my workday, and it gives me the strength to keep going as I listen to coworkers humble-brag about how great they are over Zoom (which seems to be my teammates' favourite activity). On camera, I'm listening and nodding attentively - but in my head, I'm ambling down the cobbled streets of Gion at night as lanterns glow against traditional machiya houses around me. I'm savouring a strong, heavenly, not-too-sweet matcha from a little neighborhood shop while strolling to Nishiki market. I'm visually feasting on the jaw-dropping fall colors at Rurikoin while simultaneously feasting on charred, syrupy, soy-glazed mitarashi dango (skewered rice dumplings).
And now, I'd like you to come with me on that journey. This community of wonderful, cultured, considerate, beauty-loving, detail-oriented and financially savvy women has been as much of a haven for me lately as dreams of Kyoto - so who better to join me? (Oh, my boyfriend will be there too, but mainly to carry our bags and treat us to wagyu dinners. He's great company.)
I used to travel to Japan often for work, so this is based off real memories and recommendations. I just hope all these small businesses and restaurants are still there when COVID lifts - their artisanship is second to none. I do hear China is creating replica Japanese shopping streets for locals who miss traveling to Japan, so even if some places go out of business, maybe rep versions will spring up on a Guangdong street! (Side note: what can't they rep, seriously?)
(Since I absolutely adored this "Sugar Babies of Capri" mood board, I'm going to follow that trend of writing in the second person. Less cocaine, yachts, and Russian billionaires in this post compared to that one, but hey, that's the price you pay to be in rule-loving Japan.)

On Kyoto

"The smell of woodsmoke, the drift of incense; a procession of monks in black-and-gold robes, one of them giggling in a voice yet unbroken; a touch of autumn in the air, a sense of gathering rain. The gentle caress of a Max Mara Labbro that you bought at 1/20 of the price, warming both your body and your soul.”
Pico Iyer, Video Night in Kathmandu and Other Reports from the Not-So-Far East (very slightly amended quote)

Your Journey

On the 13-hour flight over, you deliberately stayed up the whole time so you could sleep when you arrived - which wasn’t too hard, as you marveled at the surreally polite ANA service and tried out every single sake sampler available while reading Kawabata’s Snow Country. After 10 hours of deep, jet-lagged sleep, you wake up refreshed at 8am in one of Kyoto’s oldest and most revered ryokans (traditional Japanese inns). Often dubbed the best hotel in Japan, Tawaraya has even been called one of the best hotels on earth - and at the price of two 187 Jumbos per night (even if a lavish dinner is included), it certainly better be.
300 years of history whisper around you in the darkness as you stretch and smile, thinking of the day to come. The sheets lining your futon are somehow meltingly soft, yet satisfyingly crisp, at the same time. Kind of like that oversized Toteme button-down shirt you’ve been eyeing on AE. If only you could find these sheets on AE or TB - but alas, these are definitely not being made in any Shenzhen factories, so grey market will be hard to come by.
Memories of last night’s ten-course kaiseki meal flicker back to you, as if you had merely dreamt them in an exhausted haze. That silken sashimi was as buttery and smooth as 187 lambskin - and the plump, fluffy, soft rice reminded you of what everyone says about God Factory’s leather quality, except you can’t bring yourself to buy GF because you're too addicted to 187. After the elaborate meal, you took a dip in the deep hinoki cypress bath to soak away all the plane fufu. You've now been successfully de-fufu-fied, and you didn’t even have to stuff yourself with maxi pads and binchotan charcoal sticks, which is more than you can say for that recent pair of Princetowns you got from Zippy.
Padding across the soft tatami, you throw on the perfect minimalist Kyoto roaming outfit: your Toteme Rennes wool-cashmere sweater in soft taupe, high-waisted dark grey skinnies to make your legs look extra-long tucked into boots, and Ann Demeulemeester badass black leather boots with an unexpected lace-up in the back. You slip on your Cartier Juste un Clou small rose gold bracelet with diamonds (which you’re just going to tell people you got in Japan, since you still can’t figure out if it’s available in the US or just Asia), VCA gold Mini Frivole earrings from non-TS Summer, and grab your tobacco Labbro and camel cashmere White & Warren wrap on your way out the door. What can you say, you're a ho for draping yourself in neutral, luxe cashmere layers.
Oops, don’t forget your black mini rectangular Chanel Pearl Crush from 187! Its little gold ball will be pleased to meet the Golden Pavilion Temple you’ll be visiting later today.


The autumn morning air is deliciously crisp as you stroll to grab your first matcha of the day from Nana's Green Tea cafe. (Weirdly, while super-popular in Kyoto and located in a chic shopping area, there seem to be almost no reviews for this in English. While it's not the fanciest matcha, it's damn good, and the best start to the day.) At neighboring Maison Kayser, you grab a flaky, cheesy poached egg and bacon pastry with a perfectly orange runny yolk. (Japanese eggs are truly one of the world's unrivaled treasures - and hot tip, Japan's bakeries give France's a run for their money.) After a bite, you browse through Japanese fashion and travel magazines at the adjoining bookstore. You can't understand anything they say, but hungrily gobble up the fashion and scenery. Is it your imagination, or do these magazines feel and even smell better than American ones? Why is Japan so good at so many things? You resist buying 12 magazines written in a language you don't speak, and force yourself out the door.


Off to Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion, before the bulk of the crowds hit. Framed in deep crimson leaves, the gold temple glints like the ever-so-slightly-too-warm gold hardware on a pair of high-tier Princetowns. Taking deep breaths and savouring the view, you resist checking your phone to see if TS Heidi sent PSPs for that caramel CF with LGHW you recently ordered. You're pretty sure the 700-year-old spirits of the temple's original Buddhist monks would counsel you that true Zen means not checking WhatsApp every 10 minutes. Attachment is the root of suffering, and so forth, you say to yourself as you stroke the buttery leather of the mini Pearl Crush to which you've grown decidedly too attached, as if it were your own child.


After temple-hopping through the rest of north Kyoto, you stop by Kitano-Tenmangu shrine, since you've perfectly timed your visit with the divine secondhand market that takes place there on the 25th of every month. Vintage silk kimonos and delicately woven obis, handcrafted ceramics, and booth after booth of antiques - all set against the stunning backdrop of the traditional shrine and blazing autumn leaves. You could spend 8 hours here, but after both arms are weighed down with antiques, you're starting to question your decision to bring the little Pearl Crush instead of Pink's Goyard GM, or frankly, a 32-inch Rimowa. You head back to the hotel to deposit your treasures.


Late lunch to avoid the crowds: spicy miso ramen at Kyoto Engine Ramen, with a rich, creamy broth studded with chopped green onions, tender chashu pork and red chili threads. The ramen in Japan makes you never want to eat ramen anywhere else ever again. This is both exciting and faintly depressing. You wonder, for the billionth time in life, how to move here full-time. Surely 27 isn't too old to suddenly start learning Japanese?


Since it's been an entire two hours since you were last shopping, it's time for a mid-afternoon shopping break before dinner. You head to Loft, a multi-floor emporium stocked with just about every makeup/skincare/souvenir-related product you could imagine. Rampaging through the makeup and skincare section, you pick up a few new items that'll become staples for months to come: Romand Juicy Lasting Tint in 'Pink Pumpkin' (the perfect orange-y yet neutral fall color which lasts for hours and feels like nothing on the lips), Hatomugi skin conditioning gel (gives that 'chok-chok' bouncy look), Opera oil rouge lip tint (one of the top-selling in Japan - perfect light slick texture with sheer bright lasting color and no gross flavour), and Minon Amino Moist sheet masks (ultra soothing and plumping).
Almost more tempting than the makeup and skincare sections? The kitchenware floor, where you can't resist the cutest new Zojirushi thermos in subtly pearlescent white (keeps your coffee hot for literally 10 hours), and handcrafted blue-and-white ceramics for a bargain that you can't find anywhere outside of Japan.


After depositing your huge yellow Loft shopping bags back at the ryokan and changing into a lustrous deep green Silk Laundry slip, you taxi over to your spiritual happy place, the Philosopher's Path. Lined with exquisite old houses and little shops, the cobbled stone paths, rippling canal, and deep orange leaves lull you into a state of meditative calm. After an amble in which you question the meaning of life and why exactly you're not living in a Kyoto machiya (traditional wooden house that survived thanks to Kyoto being spared in WWII bombings), it's an easy walk to dinner at cult favourite Monk for Michelin-level Japanese-Italian cuisine without the price or pomp.


After an orgasmic seven-course dinner of lightly charcoal-grilled sashimi, greens with yuzu vinaigrette, wood-fired duck ragout pizza, and homemade plum wine, it's time to walk through one of the most magical Kyoto scenes: evening in Gion, the geisha district. During the day, Gion is full of tourists brandishing selfie sticks with the same fierce determination as samurai two centuries ago wielded swords; but at night the narrow, lantern-lit streets quiet to a fairytale slumber, the river glowing with burnished light. Jeweled with teahouses and temples, the neighborhood is full of ghosts, its weeping willows rustling with secrets past. You spy a maiko (apprentice geisha) turning the corner ahead of you, intricately woven silk obi glimmering. You are torn between the following feelings:
You feel all these things at once. This is why reps, and fashion in general, are such a comfort to you. They are about the single-minded pursuit of beauty and craftsmanship, a temporary respite from the complexity and turmoil of the world around you.
You slip into the pebbled stone and gleaming wood entranceway of your ryokan, dip into another fragrant hinoki cedar bath, and fall into a deep sleep.

Mood Board Goodies



One mini-review, you say? How about FIVE of them! I'm grievously bad at writing out full reviews, and I own most of what's in this mood board (what I don't own is in the process of being purchased), so I'll seize this chance to share some great finds. Apart from the sunglasses and jeans, these were in storage, so please forgive the wrinkles :P
🍂 Silk Laundry hunter green slip dress - original AE listing (with reviews) (size M) and what appears to be a new version of the same listing from the same seller (Fairthee), auth, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Gentle Monster My Ma Sunglasses in brown tortoiseshell - original AE listing, auth, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Toteme original denim in washed blue - AE listing (Fairthee), auth, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Toteme Rennes sweater in creme and grey (yup, two colors!) - original AE listing, auth grey, auth creme, my photos amongst other items
🍂 Acne multi check scarf - AE listing (the link I bought from is dead, but the review pics here look very similar and has tons of great reviews - plus free return if not good in person), auth, my photos amongst other items

BONUS: this won't count as an 'official' review since I haven't found this one yet in our moving boxes, so no IRL pics, but still wanted to share in case people are interested!

🍂 MaxMara Labbro - unbranded dupe from AE, I have the "Sand" color but another user on here got "Tobacco" and color looked true to auth(Obrix store), auth
❤️ All right, that's it - sayonara ladies! Hope you've enjoyed this journey to my city of dreams, as much as I've enjoyed writing it. ❤️
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Captain Tsubasa RoNC Campaign Guide - what I wish I knew when I started

Short version: - Take Furano FW/MF, aim for “great success” every game, s+ rating, and first try victory bonus (alt+f4 closes the game without losing); - Friend Hyuga (rush tiger shot), Matsuyama, Tsubasa, Jito, Sano; WC: Schneider (rush fire shot), Carlos (rush young ace); - Shoot as close to the goal as possible without risking tackle for maximum damage; - Learn to tackle aces (wait until they stop or charge shot to tackle); - Don’t stress in the first runs, you’ll only get full power custom player when all important players are level 5 friends.
Full Guide: School - Take Furano, Matsuyama can do everything, and it’s the easiest to get consistent team S rating (very important to get it every game, as you get 350 skill points every 2 games from “great success”). Note that if you do get S rating every game, the game difficulty seems to go up faster. Try to get first try victory bonus as much as possible.
Friends – Japan - You don’t strictly need to choose players in your position (FW/MF), as all will be in the friend selection, but by choosing them they appear twice (so I recommend Hyuga to get him asap) and more likely to get “combo” multiplier from same positions. Players (with friend cards) in your team also usually all appear, although it has happened once to me that Tsubasa was not on the selection for the world cup. - Hyuga (asap) for tiger shot, Important to score more frequently. You can consider to use 1 Matsuyama friend selection ability to get him twice in the same game, to get tiger shot asap. I personally wait for the world cup before wasting that, as there are many more things we need there, and games are easy enough at this stage. - Matsuyama for Possession Demon, broken skill. (and Eagle dribble until we have SA Dribble) - Tsubasa for Born to Dribble and South American Dribble (need to be C level in the final, and achieve S dribble rating). Drive shot can replace tiger shot, it’s a placeholder for the world cup skills anyway. SA dribble has a great animation and can last till the finals. You can also switch SA dribble for something that boosts PWTEC if you find it hard to score, but have no trouble with getting to the GK. - Sano for Dribble Crazy. If you also want sideline master, swap Sano for Taki, but note that then Dribble Crazy won’t unlock until WC and we level up more (I don’t use sideline master as I prefer to be in the middle), but hopefully he shows up anyway even if you don't choose the card. - Jito for Power Defense Tackle (not 100% needed as the world cup will give us more options, but there’s nothing else important we need to take now, and it’s one of the strongest tackles.) Dump truck dribble is also great if you need an early power boosting dribble (e.g. you aren't dealing damage to GKs). - As the Goal is to get all these to C before the World Cup (can’t go higher until WC), so we don’t have to waste WC picks on them. Try spreading out picks between your core guys (while ensuring Hyuga is picked until he’s C), to avoid having 2-3 at C while one is stuck at E. (Note that as with all Defenders/GKs, Jito won’t combo much if you’re playing FW/MF so might take 1 extra selection to max him) - Other good options: Tachibana Bros for Skylab hurricane (Masao if only going for 1 and you want to score the goals. Need to pick them again in the WC to get the trio-combo. Note that for custom play, it’s the strongest combo, but I find it hard to make it work in the story mode. Soda for other defensive skills. If you’re going DF or defensive MF, some GKs have decent skills. Misugi is has decent skills but they don’t make my build. (important if you’re building a “sub” into a custom team) - World cup – after the Germany scrim (low score gives less points), spend the Matsuyama selection ability 3x in a row to max our most important players - Carlos - Young ace, most broken skill in game, core for this build (use golden ball item if it’s not level 5 yet; the appeal mission is getting "S" rating 9 times). Once you have young ace, your hero should never pass again, only dribble and shoot. - Schneider for Fire shot and decent skills (buster shot while waiting, dribble and tackle if you didn’t get the others, which don’t make my final cut but are great for “standard” FW builds). Also for bond as he’s the best striker and most likely to be on custom teams (w/Hyuga). - Tsubasa/Alberto/Ryan if you want to get scouted by their specific countries - Pierre for artist and/or Rusciano for Risky style and the earliest super shot (optional) We don’t need anyone else for our build, but other good ones are: - Consider Kluivoort/Rusciano/Diaz/etc and getting them to S rating before their respective match to get the upgraded super shot before the final. With young ace and fire shot, it’s really overkill to waste time charging the super shot though. - Kluivoort to destroy GKs (great in standard FW builds); Diaz/Ryan are great overall; Napoleon for army of 1/total focus; Heine for magician; Tsubasa/Hyuga for TigeDrive shots super combo and bonds; Jean – some of the best tackles and defensive builds; Zino/Muller have interesting options if for some reason you’re DF A lot is personal preference.
Matches - Your goal is to get as good rating as possible, to get more skill increases (and still win with S team rating) so you should be playing mostly with your hero, be comfortable with using the hotkey to bring him up. (when you get the skill to win by more than 3, then that also becomes important). Target at least S rating, but don’t sweat too much in the beginning. Once you get the skill that you get “auto S rating”, then you can chill again. - Pre game - Swap to center of the field before every game (game will many times position you on the side, especially if you rank speed), it’s easier to get to the ball. If you’re MF, you’re stuck to start from defensive MF position (don't get fooled, you're still the de-facto AMF/FW) as Matsuyama/Tsubasa can’t be moved, but that’s OK as you can catch the ball when GK kicks it more easily (interception score). If you’re trying to get combos (Tachibana bros), remember you can use tactics to group people together (careful this might burn your stamina early, I’d ignore it for now) - First priority score to focus (hardest to increase from the ones we care) is shooting. Goals scored is the best way to increase the score, failed shots only increase a bit. Most important is to kick from the penalty area, as it greatly increases damage done, and has a chance to bypass goalkeeper. When you get more practice or want to try a different strategy, some curve shots have higher chance of ignoring GK from certain positions, but ignore that for now. Second most important is which shot skill you take, more expensive and higher “power” the better. We start with Hyuga tiger (alternatively Tsubasa), then switch to Schneider Fire (and he also provides buster while we wait for Fire). Feel free to use your star to weaken the strong GKs (Toho, Italy, Germany) if your shots don’t deal enough stamina damage (when you get good enough this is a waste as you’re only stealing “rating/stats” from your hero). Once you get “young ace” from Carlos, this becomes a piece of cake. If you’re charging the shot and are about to get tackled, note that you can dribble to stop the charge. - Second most important is Dribble. Basic combo is dribble twice then shoot. Check minimap to see if there’s defenders ahead before charging. Many times you’ll want to dribble more to get closer to penalty area and/or build up the v-gauge anyway. I usually stick with the basic run/dribble, and only do the alternative dribble if I’m getting tackled by the same guy 3x in a row. It’s not perfect but works 90% of the time, particularly vs the early teams. Vs the later teams you’ll have Possession Demon and Dribble Crazy, so it continues to work). If you run out of stamina, you can have Matsuyama/Tsubasa dribble ahead until you can activate V gauge to recover stamina or slowly get it back). If you’re struggling to get good rating, use one of the V-zone moments to dribble around the map (with possession demon, you almost never lose the ball) and only shoot when it’s about to end. - Easiest to bring up is Tackle, only 1-2 needed to bring each score level up. If you’re getting dribbled/scored on and you can’t stop it (particularly by the ace enemy Diaz/Rusciano/Schneideetc), run ahead of him (not too close or he dribbles; on the side if you aren’t faster), and tackle (1) when he starts charging a shot, (2) after the “alternative dribble dash” animation (you can tackle slightly before animation ends, takes 20 times to get perfect but then it’s easy), or if he’s running straight for a while without the alternative dribble. This is very important to master when the difficulty raises to 3 stars. Early on just tackle everyone and it almost always hits, but you don’t have stamina or speed to run after everyone, so look at the minimap before activating and if you’re too far just send a friend. If struggling for rating, wait on rebounds from missed shots for the defender to catch the ball then tackle him right away. Also you can send Matsuyama/Tsubasa dribble ahead and when they inevitably fail your hero can tackle and you got closer to the goal. - I wouldn’t waste time with the remaining ratings, you can easily get S+ rating with these 3. If you're MF, you can raise Interception if you can position yourself where the GK usually shoots the ball. If for some reason you want to raise passes, long passes are better. I wouldn’t waste precious ingame time on that though. Don’t stress too much, your first play throughs won’t produce powerhouses. Until you have level 5 friends with all players you need skills from (some skills only are unlocked at level 5), and you know exactly what build you want, I’d just focus on doing ok. There’s too many good skills at World stage, don’t spend ages with analysis paralysis, and you can only equip 6 anyway. For this particular run, we build around Young ace (FW or MF), which is broken and the best way to ensure you can score against the best GKs. If you don’t, you risk relying on Hyuga/Tsubasa to score, as everyone else is basically useless by the end. If Carlos is not high enough level to give “young ace” it still works, but you might just win by 1 goal instead of 5 in the final. When you DO have everyone at level 5 friend, feel free to try to create some monsters and other alternative playstyles. Until then, maybe spend your runs trying to get scouted, and use golden ball item occasionally to help with friendships.
Training items - Fierce headband always; Bonding headband and Friendship vest as fillers; - Gold bracelet in the first match, old scorebook in the first match and the first WC friendly (low duration gives no time to increase rating), black wristband on the first WC matches to max friendships quick, particularly when using Matsuyama friend power. Golden ball to increase friendships quicker and access higher skills - If you’re ready to “minmax” your hero, detailed scorebook and cherished scorebook (I’d save these for when you’re experienced, as you won’t have enough quantity to have them permanently on. As I get more detailed scorebooks, I sprinkle these in when I’m building a strong char and I know the match is easy. I consider using cherished scorebook on the finals if I’m not sure I can get the special missions to get scouted, get super shot, etc)
Skills - I start by raising speed until I’m around 80, and along the way distribute between poweoffense/technique, Power if I’m not scoring/dealing enough damage; technique if it takes too long to charge shots and I fail too many dribbles; and offense if it’s low (note that it’s cheaper to raise lower stats) No points in defense. Usually end a good run around 95/91/85/80 P/O/S/T, or 96/94/89/88 if I'm minmaxing using notebooks. Note that standard advice is to max poweoffense in FWs. With “young ace”, you’ll end up scoring loads anyway, so the bottleneck to score more is usually speed, and it’s how I have most fun anyway. (Since writing this, I don't max speed anymore, as someone suggested offense is what influences running speed with ball) - Skills is where my personal preference might not be ideal for everyone and not sure how it stacks for internet play (I’m on PC, so I can’t play yet), so feel free to follow other guides or your own intuition.
Training Skills - Most important is “extra skills if win by 3+ goals”, it usually only appears after the Germany scrim. Don’t forget to equip it! - Especially in the first runs, I also love to run “when starting career in X route, transforms success in greater success”, and “ratings below S get S”. When I get these 2, I can chill in all games unless I’m trying to build the perfect custom char. - “activating extra events” also is cool – with some luck you can get 100 skill points. If you’re struggling with winning easily (or winning by 3+ goals if you have that skill), I’d consider just swapping for a strong skill The rest I don’t think are worth the slots, but I’d consider the “greatly increase friends” ones if I need it, and once you're min-maxing, you may want the fw/mf/df specific ones to raise rating. Note that you want to have equipped “young ace” and “possession demon” at all times, and “dribble crazy” & “born to dribble” most times, to guarantee higher ratings and 3+ goals.
Story Matches - First friendly: Enemies are really bad so you can use your hero to dribble and score. Don’t forget to center him before kick off rather than the default tactic on the side. You don’t have much time, if you can’t score 2-3 goals for the S team rating, just run down with Matsuyama to the penalty area and shoot, it’s a goal every time. If you don’t get S team rating ("great success") just restart. - Early Matches: Enemies are still bad, but so are you. When tired, use Matsuyama to weaken GK or dribble ahead of you so you can tackle after and are closer to the goal. As long as you get 2 goals and charge the v gauge twice (should be happening with normal amounts of tackling and dribbling), you should get S team rating. Note that after 2 S team ratings difficulty increases (2 stars), making it slightly harder until you get tiger shot. They’re still bums though. - Late Matches: enemies get better, everything becomes slightly harder, but as soon as you get tiger shot scoring gets much easier. Feel free to use Matsyuama to weaken GKs early (Toho has the best GK, and the other 2 matches the team or GK is weak early) - WC: Germany : see item section. It’s actually relatively easy to get “great success” with Furano - Early matches: these should be very easy (until the difficulty increases to 3 stars, or Italy). Upgrade to Buster and Fire shot and becomes even easier, and cakewalk when we have Young Ace. - Italy: Probably the hardest match first time around. If you are following this guide, it should be ok to score with your hero. In my first playthroughs everyone was useless except Hyuga, particularly when he learns super shot in the 2nd half. Use Hyuga/Tsubasa with close range shots to weaken the GK if needed. Learn how to tackle aces if you’re getting wrecked by Rusciano (see above). - Late matches: these should be easy, especially if you have young ace. Each team has 1 ace that can wreck you. If you struggle, try avoiding them and playing more on the sides, and Learn how to tackle aces. From the quarter-final onwards, if you want to increase your own rating, but you don’t have the “3+ goals difference” skill, consider ending regular time in a tie to have more time to raise the rating (it can only go up) - Final: Same as above, only slightly harder. If facing Germany, same issue with GK as Italy, Hyuga/Tsubasa doubleshot (activates after 3 failed shots) can work. But of course we don’t need that, as we have our Young Ace.
Other tips - If playing on pc, rebind keys as needed (I have run/dribble on “U”, as it’s easy to hold with J for the tackle; and alternative dribble on “i”); Reduce graphics quality if game/menu is too slow; Go to options and change “cut scenes” etc to “skip if seen before”
Don’t forget to Have Fun :)
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A Guide to the Differences Between JRPGs Ports and Enhanced Versions (Part 1).

A new day, a new guide.
This is the hardest one of the guides I wanted to make, because the information is never easy to get, which is weird. So please forgive me if I missed some changes, and by all means tell me if I missed any of them or if any of them are incorrect.
Since this list is really long, this guide is going to come in parts, this part covers:

Important Notes:

  • This is made for Ports and Enhanced versions, so No Remakes. So this is about differences between the different versions of Chrono Trigger, and not about the differences between FF7 ps1 and FF7 Remake.
  • The differences are taken from all over the internet, either from official sources, wikis, youtube, and even forums.
  • I cover all the changes for a game, unless there is too many, in which case I will highlight the ones worth mentioning.

~ Valkyrie profile (PSX US.ver): vs Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth PSP vs iOS & Andriod. ~

Valkyrie profile PSX:

Nearly identical to the Japan version but with minor fixes in the menu screen. In the Japanese version, Characters not in the party were unable to change or learn skills nor were they able change or remove equipment. The US version allowed out of party members to change and learn skills as well as change or remove equipment without being added to the party. Also in the Japanese version, Lenneth would unequip all her skills and equipment when switching between sword and bow. The US version 'remembers' the previous setting when switching weaponry and is automatically equipped with the skills and equip. Another improvement over the Japanese version is an improved item sorting option.
There are a few instances of censoring such as Badrach's smoking.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth PSP:

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth lacks the improvement made in US version. Rather than re-rendering the textures of the dungeon maps, TOSE cropped and upscaled the pre-rendered images to fit the portable console's screen, resulting in severe blurring in some areas. This version also removes the anime opening movie in favor of 3D CGI, animated movie. Certain key story-sequences were animated in the same style as the opening movie and can be viewed at anytime in the Gallery option in the title screen once unlocked in the story. The animated scenes include:
  • Opening Movie
  • Lenneth's Awakening
  • Jelanda's Transformation
  • Alicia witnesses Barbarossa's execution
  • Lenneth's encounter with the Lord of the Undead
  • Lenneth and the Homunculi
  • A chance encounter between "Meril" and Lucian
  • Lenneth in Weeping Lily Meadow
  • Lucian's departure to Valhalla
  • Hrist's Awakening
  • The Sovereign's Rite
  • A Ending
Other big changes are:
  • An enhanced version of the original game's localization
  • Square Enix cleaned up the original game's English script and additional voice over dialogue for the CG movies was recorded by New Generation Pictures, rather than the original company, TAJ Productions.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth iOS & Andriod:

This is the PSP version being ported to iOS & Andriod, with the following changes:
  • Enhanced graphics such as character portraits. >* Enhanced Text.
  • Enhanced UI.
  • The option to skip cut-scenes.
  • In-app purchases to unlock collectibles
  • Ability to turn on auto-battle.

~ Chrono Trigger (SNES): PSX vs NDS vs iOS & Andriod vs PC. ~

Chrono Trigger PSX:

Anime cut scenes created by original character designer Akira Toriyama's Bird Studio and animated by Toei Animation.
A new Extra Mode Option was added that is divided into different categories of viewable extras, that are unlocked as you finish the game, and just as shown in the picture, they are:
  • Theater.
  • Art Gallery.
  • Music Box.
  • Tech Showcase.
  • Monster Data.
  • Boss Data.
  • Endings.
  • Treasure Map.

Chrono Trigger NDS:

This version includes everything new in the PSX version, and also has big and a long list of changes and additions, which I will try to condense them as much as possible:
  • Ability to play using the two screens and the touch screen, or in classic mode through a single screen.
  • Added the Arena of Ages: A monster arena where You pick basic monsters and raise them to fight computer and wireless opponents.
  • Added the Lost Sanctum: A sidequest during the main game. It consists of two dungeons in two different eras.
  • Added the Dimensional Vortex: A extra Dungeon, available after beating the game once and appears in three different eras. Each dungeon is different.
  • A lot of New Items.
  • New Enemies in the new dungeons, in the form of palette swaps of old enemies.
  • One New Ending after finishing the Dimensional Vortex completely.
  • New Translation that changes a lot of names form the original version to something more faithful to the Japanese version.

Chrono Trigger iOS & Android:

Both versions initially were based on the NDS version, but later on got an update to make them similar to the PC version.

Chrono Trigger PC:

Everything on the NDS version is present here except there is No Arena of Ages. What they did add however is:
  • Auto-Save feature.
  • Higher Resolution Graphics and update UI.
  • Support for mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Remastered sound and music.

~ Star Ocean: The Second Story (PSX): vs Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP) vs PS4 (JP.ver). ~

Star Ocean: Second Evolution:

  • A New Translation that changes almost everything in the game.
  • New voice actors. >* New voiced acted scenes; All major story events now have voice acting.
  • New recruitable character: Welch Vineyard.
  • New Private Actions and 13 new Endings.
  • Unlocking the Galaxy and Universe modes now require defeating a specific number of enemies in a single playthrough rather than unlocking voices in the Voice Collection. >>>* Practically all Combat Skills have been refined, some being removed (such as Cancel, which is now automatically implemented).
  • The combat system has been slightly refined, now allowing all melee fighters to perform a 3-hit combo as their normal attack.
  • The Super Specialty "Bunny Call" no longer allows the player to "climb" on towns and some terrains. The player now will enter a town upon approaching while in Bunny Form, and can even activate private actions.
  • All items in the inventory screen are now depicted as 2D icons instead of the original 3D models.
  • Many bugs and glitches have been fixed (most notably the infamous random Cave of Trials screen freeze).
  • Ring of Lightspeed (called Slayer Ring in Second Story) now works on Dias Flac.
  • New character designs and portraits.
  • No magic combo mechanic.
  • Crafting animations are now replaced by a still 2D image.

Star Ocean: Second Evolution PS4 JP.ver:

This enhanced version was released only in Japan on the PS4, with enhanced graphics and BGM, and a DLC that helps you with the gameplay.

~ The Last Remnant (Xbox360): vs PC vs PS4 & Switch Remastered. ~

The Last Remnant PC:

This version is only available to purchase in the EU SquareEnix online store as of right now:
  • Turbo Mode is now available, and can be toggled on or off while giving orders to unions in battle. When on, battles play out at double the speed.
  • Crimson Flare, a new Arcana, is now available.
  • New formations, such as Eremurus Rain, are now available.
  • Enemies hit considerably harder.
  • Rare Monsters can have significantly higher HP than their XBOX 360 counterparts.
  • Arcana require substantially more AP.
  • Unique Arts now require AP.
  • Remnant Arts can only be performed by union leader, Weapon Arts now require high union morale.
  • Offensive Weapon Arts now increase morale when used.
  • Additionally, Arcana and offensive Special Arts now raise morale by a fixed amount.
  • Likewise, certain Enemy Arts now lower morale by a fixed amount.
  • Wards now affect the entire union.
  • Attributes required for formation upgrades are vastly different.
  • Healing no longer raises morale, and morale increased by Critical Hits has been dramatically reduced.
  • Union morale now fluctuates based on more conditions (IE: taking an action, successfully landing a hit, receiving damage, etc.). In the X360 version, union morale stayed somewhat static, usually changing when being healed, being KO'd/terminated, executing a successful Critical Trigger. It also did not drop to 0 whenever an offensive Special Art was executed, whereas it will do so on the PC.
  • Linking additional enemies together does not increase your Battle Rank further than having fought them separately.
  • Special commands, such as the use of David's Gae Bolg, are no longer interrupted by being raidlocked by a different union or having targeted enemy union defeated by an ally.
  • Allies now have the option to cure a friendly union's Curse status ailment via "Cure them even if it kills them!" command. This command is in the XBOX 360 version as well, but is only available when the union is Enthralled; it will not be available when the union is cursed.
  • Items are color-coded in the PC version, and a new preview feature lets you see what the item looks like in battle.
  • You can now toggle between viewing the stats of a weapon or shield and viewing a preview of what it looks like in battle.
  • Components and consumables are now categorized.
  • Items are now color-coded based on their rarity.
  • Creation or customization of some items require fewer components.
  • New items available via Blueprint 4.
  • Various weapon stats have changed.
  • Some very rare monster-specific drops can now be split from monsters (e.g., Godwood Timber, Spiritwood Timber).
  • The leader limit is no longer imposed. Unions can be composed entirely of leader units if the player desires.
  • Likewise, soldiers can now be set as union leaders.
  • The stat cap has been lifted for all characters to allow a maximum of 255 for each stat.
  • The Seven are now recruitable after completing Union of the Golden Chalice Task #70: For Our Lord.
  • Rush can now be removed from the active party.
  • Khrynia can learn the new Unique Art Dual Snowpetal.
  • Arts can be disabled, filtering which skills a unit may use in combat.
  • Leaders' requested components are displayed when viewing their stats.
  • Leaders' wield style can be changed depending on their equipped weapon.
  • Shields now prevent style changes mid-battle.
  • The following classes now prevent style changes: Guardian, Scout, Hunter, Wanderer, Thief, Alchemist, all Mystic classes, Vagrant, Mercenary, Aristocrat, Djin, Fortuneteller, Sage and General.
  • The experience required to advance Wield Style skills has been reduced, and the experience required to advance Weapon Type skills has been increased.
  • Three new classes are now available: Ataraxian, Cleric, and Ninja.
  • The Guardian, Fencer, and Warrior classes now require non-sovani wield styles, and are thus not available to Sovani.
  • The Gladiator class now requires Power Grip and Wards.
  • Hybrid classes (Item+Combat and Mystic+Combat) can now be achieved by units who do not start in one.
  • Some leaders now have a different weapon upgrade path, which caused some units to learn new Weapon Arts while others lost theirs.
  • Leaders can request weapons that do not coincide with their weapon upgrade path as long as they match their equipped weapon type and size.
  • Soldiers can now request weapon drops.
  • Some units have had their starting Unit BR level, stats, class, equipment, arts, and hiring wage changed.
  • The completion of At Hatred's End is no longer required in order to activate Things Unchangeable.
  • Duke of Ghor now has a … icon when you speak with him between the first, third, and fifth base battles.
  • The component requirements in The Assistant have lowered.
  • The DLC content is now unlocked differently; the majority of the extra content now requires the completion of certain guild tasks.
  • The Leader Extraordinaire guild tasks which required three units of a single class now only require one.
  • The Monsterslayer guild tasks require different enemies to be defeated.
New Game Plus and Hard Mode: After the epilogue and credits, you can now save your game. When you're taken back to the main menu, you can load this save to begin a new playthrough that carries over certain elements from your previous playthrough. You will also be given the option to start the new game in Hard Mode.
  • The PC version will warn you if you cannot leave an area without a fight.
  • Auto Save is now available, which automatically saves after having changed zones or having won a battle.
  • Battle Rank is now viewable outside of combat, in the party menu.
  • Battle Rank progression has been slowed considerably; it takes more encounters/enemy unions terminated to increase in rank.
  • Characters with … icons are now identified with markers on the map.
  • Enemies can no longer be respawned by saving and reloading an adjacent area.
  • New saving opportunities are now available, such as before the base's boss.
  • A warning message is now displayed if you attempt to save your game in an area which you cannot leave until you defeat a boss.
  • Mr Diggs's digging animations are now much quicker.
  • The loading screens that explained some of the game's mechanics have been disabled.
  • Many areas of the game have had their spawn tables altered or repopulated.
  • Starting battle music now coincides with starting morale in most battles.
  • "Turn the Tide" and "Beat the Odds" now play during the second half instead of after entering Elysion.
  • Union highlighting during the selection phase has been toned down (ie: ally unions don't look quite as blue).
  • Leaders in reserve no longer gain skills via the Rush only skill grind trick.
  • Soldiers now slowly improve their stats in reserves.
  • Camera in battle doesn't swing around as wildly anymore.
  • Mitra soldiers' idle stances now come in 2 varieties: the one shared by both male and female units and the one exclusive to larger male units, rather than just the "large male mitra" stance.

The Last Remnant Remastered PS4 & Switch:

Based on the PC version, also added:
  • Graphics now are in Unreal Engine 4
  • A new function to run faster on the overworld.
  • Extra save slots.
Yes I am salty about this if you can't tell, since they removed the PC version from steam.

~ Tales of Vesperia (Xbox360): vs PS3 vs Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition vs PS4/PC/Switch/Xbox One. ~

Tales of Vesperia PS3:

  • Features full voice acting, nearly twice as much voice work as the original.
  • New Characters, including 2 new playable characters: Flynn (permanantly playable now), and Patty Fleur.
  • New subplots, skits, and main game quests, and sidequests.
  • New mini-games
  • New songs
  • Remodeled towns and new towns and dungeons.
  • New bosses.
  • The ability to replay boss fights.
  • New 8 Mystic Arts.
  • New artes, skills, and equipment.
  • New item: the "Artes Ball", which allows an additional eight artes shortcuts to be assigned to the previous eight slots combined with the L1 button, which allows for a maximum of 16 artes
  • New character costumes

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive editionvs PS4/PC/Switch/Xbox One:

Based on the PS3 version, it has everything from it and all the DLC included for free, with higher resolution graphics depending on the system.

~ Tales of Symphonia (GC): vs PS2 (JP.ver only) vs PS3/PC. ~

Tales of Symphonia PS2 JP.ver only:

  • New animated sequences.
  • New Mystic Arts.
  • New Unison Arts.
  • New Arts for playable characters and enemies.
  • New Techniques.
  • The frame rate was lowered from 60 frames per second to 30 frames per second.
  • New customs.
  • The "Synopsis" option in the menu displays newer entries at the top
  • The Casino in the game is now actually fully playable with it's own mini-games, and chips to collecet and exchange for items.
  • The skits are graphically more dynamic. Portraits get larger or smaller quickly, swing from side to side, shake, and so on.
  • New Titles
  • More post-battle animations.
  • Niflheim dungeon extended and 6 new boss characters, fought in 2 new boss battles.
  • Bug Fixes
  • New events to help raise affection.
  • Includes new side quests, new camera angles on some cutscenes, new animated cutscenes not featured in the GameCube version

Tales of Symphonia PS3/PC:

  • More customs.
  • Improved character textures and improved some environments.
  • Dual-audio support: Japanese and English voiceovers, which neither the PS2 or GameCube versions had
  • Cutscenes support voice acting in both languages, but skits only have voice acting in Japanese. If you select English, you will just see the subtitles during skits. This is not a porting issue, as this is just how the GameCube version was.
  • While the original GameCube version ran at 60fps, the Japanese PS2 port which the PS3 Chronicles HD version is based off of ran at 30fps. The Steam version can run at 40FPS.
  • HD graphics

~ Skies of Arcadia (DC): vs Skies of Arcadia: Legends GC. ~

Skies of Arcadia: Legends GC:

  • New Ranks for the Swashbuckler Rating system.
  • Random encounters occur less frequently and load considerably faster than the Dreamcast version, and EXP offered per battle is adjusted to compensate.
  • Graphically, the game sports mild improvements to character models, most noticeably adding individual fingers to the designs. The modifier volume shadows and (weirdly enough) point-mipmapping from the original release are still present.
  • One of the new sidequests available is Bounty Hunting. Sailor's Guilds offer information about each person on the bounty list as they are unlocked through story progression. After reading about them, they can be found in a constant location.
  • There are a number of new discoveries to be found.
  • Two linked sidequests
  • "Pinta Quest" minigame was removed
  • DLC comes with the game.

~ Persona 3 (PS2): vs Persona 3 FES PS2 (English.ver) vs P3P PSP. ~

FES PS2 (English.ver):

  • A whole additional epilogue has been added, The Answer. This chapter is only available in one difficulty setting, which is supposed to be on par with Persona 3's Hard mode.
  • New Personas have been added
  • Secret videos of the protagonist's dorm mates have been added to flesh them out.
  • Koromaru can now be taken on walks.
  • Several of the Social Links have been modified slightly, such as Tanaka being available at a different time
  • Several new Quests have been added.
  • New costumes can be worn in battle.
  • A new event involving Chidori Yoshino was added.
  • Naganaki Shrine was completely overhauled.
  • A hard mode was added.
  • Save data from Persona 3 can be transferred into the game,


  • The Answer is not included in this verion.
  • Added a Female Main Character, so now you can choose between the Male and Female MCs.
  • The game lacks 3D environments and character models (outside of Tartarus), all anime cutscenes are gone, the graphics and audio quality were compressed,
  • The storyline of the female protagonist features many differences from that of the male protagonist, such as new social interactions as well as Social Links.
  • New voiced dialogue.
  • Players have the choice of selecting Elizabeth or a male-equivalent named Theodore to be Igor's assistant in the Velvet Room.
  • The ability to pick who the protagonist spends the last moments of the game with. This feature is only accessible on a New Cycle
  • The Desert of Doors from the Abyss of Time seen in The Answer will still appear, however, in an extra feature known as the Vision Quest. In this mode, the party can fight stronger incarnations of the Full Moon shadow bosses — save for Arcana Magician — and partake in special battles that test the party's abilities. When all of the battles have been successfully met, a second optional boss can be fought: Margaret, Igor's assistant in Persona 4 and guardian of the Desert of Doors in P3P.
  • There are now two overworld save points; Aside from the log book in the Iwatodai Dormitory, there is also one on the main character's desk at school.
  • In Paulownia Mall, the police station is now the only place where the protagonist can buy equipment and sell items. Aohige Pharmacy is now a buy-only store, and Be Blue V is just a part-time work site and hangout to improve the main character's condition
  • From previous versions, two difficulty modes have been added: Beginner and Maniac alongside Easy and Normal in Persona 3 and Hard in Persona 3 FES:
  • A new tactic, "Direct," has been added to the game, allowing control of the party members, unlike Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES.
  • The "Wait" command is replaced with the "Defense" command, and will decrease the damage and any knockdown effects of the next attack the user suffers.
  • The game grants "1 More" to a combatant who attacks multiple enemies not knocking all of them down; the original Persona 3 required all hit enemies to be knocked down for a 1 more.
  • Party members who have been knocked down no longer spend the turn by getting up and can act as soon as they stand.
  • Upon landing a critical hit or striking an enemy's weakness, party members can follow up with a co-op attack.
  • Fusion Spells from the original Persona 3 are now activated from items instead of equipping a persona and selecting it like other spells.
  • Allies can now take a fatal blow to the protagonist for them if they are able.
  • "Dizzy" has been added as a status effect.
  • Returning to the main lobby in Tartarus no longer automatically restores the party, and must now be done for a fee via the save point (this cost varies based on the date in-game and status effects currently inflicted on the party)
  • Floors can be directly returned to from the entrance of Tartarus instead of being restricted to the restore point like previous versions.
  • "Tired" status no longer is inflicted during Tartarus exploration, and is inflicted to all used party members after leaving (this will only drop to "Good" if the character used was at "Great" during exploration).
  • Unlike previous versions, money found by party members when split up will now be given to the protagonist.
  • Party members' equipment and status can now be accessed at any time from the pause menu, unlike in previous versions, which required the protagonist to speak to them while exploring Tartarus in order to change their equipment or view their status.
  • You can now control Party members directly.
  • The protagonists only have access to one weapon type (instead of having access to all weapon types like in P3 and FES); the male protagonist wields one-handed swords, and the female protagonist wields naginatas. As a result, the Skills "Fist Master," "Bow Master," "1hdSwdMaster" and similar skills have all been combined into a single skill called "Weapons Master." Its skill card is called "Phys Boost," and all Personas which had learned a "master" ability (like Cybele with Bow Master) now learn "Weapons Master."
  • Personas now have the ability to produce a Skill Card when raised to a specific level. Each card can be used on any Persona to teach them a skill.
  • The Inari Sushi in Naganaki Shrine no longer grants random bonuses for item gaining and Tartarus explorations. Instead, it offers to duplicate Skill Cards, which will take 5 days to complete

~ Persona 4 (PS2): vs Persona 4 Golden Vita vs Persona 4 Golden PC. ~

Persona 4 Golden Vita:

  • Two new Social Links.
  • A New Dungeon.
  • A New bad ending.
  • New Difficulty levels have been added: Safety/Easy/Normal/Hard/Risky.
  • Several new music tracks.
  • Additional voice-over dialogue.
  • Chie and Teddie have new voice actors in the English version.
  • New animated cutscenes.
  • More Personas, including new Ultimate Personas for the Investigation Team.
  • New areas can be visited.
  • New events.
  • The protagonist can now explore Inaba in the evening when Dojima is not home.
  • The protagonist and his friends now have motorized scooters to explore various areas.
  • Costumes are now available to buy at Croco Fur, in Okina City.
  • New Garden and Bug Catching features.
  • The ability to choose which skills can be inherited by the Persona the protagonist is fusing.
  • New scene skipping function
  • If the necessary criteria for at least the good ending are fulfilled, daily activities are expanded to February 14, 2012, giving more time for events and social links.
  • New epilogue has been added for the True Ending.
  • The list of Requests and the Fox' emas have been modified.
  • Rise can now assist the Investigation Team in All-Out-Attacks.
  • Added Tag Team attacks: two members can team up to perform a united attack.
  • Added Cavalry Attacks: Attacks from members of the Investigation Team that are not currently in the party.
  • Spell buffs and debuffs can now be used on the same character to prolong the effect
  • A new gallery menu has been added: "TV Listings." It displays bonus content unlocked through the main game at any time.
  • Floors and chests in dungeons can now reset by changing floors instead of leaving the dungeon and TV world, or visiting another dungeon.

Persona 4 Golden PC:

  • Bug fixes
  • The game will run at up to 4K resolution with 60FPS+ as opposed to the Vita's 476p resolution and 30FPS target
  • Includes dual audio language and multiple text language. The anime cutscenes now also include subtitles
  • In the Steam version, the player may customize their difficulty setting at any time, in contrast to the Vita version only letting you do so on New Game Plus.The player may select a preset difficulty setting, or individually alter the following parameters
  • The player may select a preset difficulty setting, or individually alter the following parameters.

~ .hack//G.U (PS2): vs .hack//G.U. Last Recode PS4/PC. ~

.hack//G.U. Last Recode PS4/PC:

  • A brand new episode titled Vol.4//Reconnection, which takes place a year and three months after the events of Redemption
  • HD graphical update for the whole game.
  • Ability to restart the battle from the beginning if Haseo dies.
  • Movement speed on foot has somewhat increased.
  • The item stack size has increased from 50 to 99. The maximum number of item stacks in the inventory has increased from 30 to 90
  • Item menu shortcuts and sort features
  • When using an item in the field, pressing the X button repeatedly will cause the item to be used again without navigating the menu a second time.
  • The maximum number of Chim Spheres and Virus Cores the player can possess has increased from 99 to 999
  • Platforms now include the Platform Recovery feature, recovering a large portion of the party's HP and SP. It can only be used once per visit to a field.
  • Saku and Bo no longer switch the active player based on their level being even or odd. They can instead be selected as separate options in the Party screen.
  • Decreased the probability of allies selling the items the player give them.
  • Voice clips for returning characters and NPCs between games have been updated to use the Volume 3 clips from the beginning, except where said clips are unavailable.
  • Attack power has been increased and hit stops during attacks have been reduced to speed up the battle tempo.
  • Learning weapons proficiency increased and acquired experience points increased.
  • Awakening scenes can be skipped using the Option/Start button.
  • Some of the really tough enemies have been made a bit easier
  • Skeith’s general shot bullet speed has increased during Avatar Battles.
  • Enhanced battle balance and game pacing to provide an optimal experience.
  • Avatar battles now show a stun gauge over the enemy's head. Red diamonds have been added around attacks meant to be deflected using scythe slashes that are in range.
  • Added suspend feature during Avatar battle gameplay.
  • In Volume 3, the player is given 22 "Promise" greeting cards, meaning it is possible to do the "Forever in Love" / "Best Wishes" events with all party members in a single playthrough.
  • A new Cheat Mode allowing players who want to just enjoy the story to start the game with a large amount of items, best equipment, maximum money and chim spheres, and maximum level and affection for the respective volume.
  • Save files from Cheat Mode plays can be converted to the next volumes.
  • The videos from “The End of the World” Terminal Disc included with the limited edition PS2 release of Volume 1 are included in the collection
  • A New Job Form for Haseo with a new weapon.
  • A New Form for Skeith.
  • Ovan joins the party.

~ Final Fantasy 12 (PS2): vs FF 12: International Zodiac Job System PS2 (JP.ver only) vs FF12 Zodiac Age PS4/PC/Switch/Xbox One. ~

Final Fantasy 12: International Zodiac Job System PS2 (JP.ver only):

  • Addition of a "Zodiac Job System" featuring twelve jobs with individual License Boards corresponding to twelve zodiac signs
  • Addition of a 16:9 widescreen mode with menus and HUD at 4:3.
  • Addition of three new game modes: Trial Mode/New Game+ Strong Mode/New Game+ Weak Mode.
  • Pressing L1 will speed up gameplay. Conversations and events continue to play at normal speed.
  • Quickening doesn't consume MP. Now they use their own Mist gauge similarly to Limit Breaks from previous Final Fantasy titles.
  • UI Changes.
  • Playable characters' starting LP, consumables, gil, gambits, equipment, licenses, and base stats have been modified.
  • You have more control over Guests now, they also gain EXP/Item/Gold.
  • Many magick spells and technicks have been tweaked, renamed and recategorized.
  • Obtaining Quickenings no longer affects max MP and Mist charges do not diminish when MP is consumed (unless the player is affected by a reversed Elixir or Megalixir). The player's MP is also unaffected by the depletion of Mist charges. However, effects that recover the player's MP will also restore Mist charges. One Mist charge is granted each time the amount recovered totals the player's maximum MP. Effects that fully restore a player's MP recover all Mist charges.
  • You can now fully control Espers, they also require MP to cast magicks
  • Almost all attacks now break the 9999 damage limit from the original by default.
  • New items have been added, such as Cura Mote, Bubble Mote, Domaine Calvados, Baltoro Seed, Dark Energy and various Meteorites.
  • Bacchus's Wine now has 100% chance of inflicting Berserk (previously it was 50%).
  • Several equipment pieces were added, while some available in the original release were removed or tweaked.
  • New Weapons added.
  • Most shops had their assortments changed. Many weapons are now available from shops earlier because of the job system, and were thus made weaker.
  • Treasures respawn by moving just one area away as opposed to two. Treasures were moved around, changed the items they can give, or were removed altogether. The "forbidden chest" concept was removed, that in the original prevented the player from obtaining the Zodiac Spear in Necrohol of Nabudis if they opened a wrong treasure.
  • Dark Matter can no longer be acquired from the bazaar, and selling the ingredients needed to make it in the original will result in making the Dark Energy instead. The Dark Energy is an item that does not charge up with Knot of Rust or Devour Soul and always deals 50,000 damage to each enemy in range.
  • Treasure chests are now in different locations and contain different items.
  • There are more traps throughout the map.

Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age PS4/PC/Switch/Xbox One:

  • Remastered HD graphical upgrade.
  • English and Japanese voices (switch between them in the game configuration).
  • Original and newly re-recorded background music (switch between them in the game configuration).
  • Auto-save functionality added (game saves automatically when moving to each new screen, excepting boss arenas)
  • Improved high-speed mode and improved play time operability during high-speed mode
  • Ability to invert both the X and Y camera axes
  • The game balance has been overhauled to make it easier.
  • Each playable character can have two jobs at once.
  • Job Reset function added; talk to Montblanc in the Clan Hall to use.
  • The Effect Capacity system that limited spell-casting in the PlayStation 2 versions has been removed.
  • Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Cure only affect a single target again.
  • Espers' HP values have been doubled, but other stats kept the same as in Zodiac Job System.
  • The animation for summoning Espers is removed.
  • A glitch concerning Dyce's character model has been fixed.
  • New Game Plus and New Game Minus are now accessible from the beginning of the game.

~ Rune Factory 4 (3DS): vs Rune Factory 4 Special Switch. ~

Rune Factory 4 Special Switch:

  • HD Graphics.
  • Newlywed Mode.
  • Hell Difficulty.
  • Additional Movies.
  • Another Episode DLC.
  • Swimsuit Day DLC.
  • Many Town Events are now prioritized if requirements have been met. This includes Memories, which unlocks the last story arc and the events required for marriage.
  • The map has been moved to the main screen and can be removed and resized with the press of a button (the Switch has only one screen) or by using the touch screen icon.
  • The teleport spell has been mapped to a dedicated button. It can still be used from the touch screen.
  • You can now change the voice acting language between English and Japanese.
  • Many bug fixes.

This is just part 1, if you have any suggestions for titles to be in part 2, please post them here.

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